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Lay Open the Mind (Your favorite Walkie Talky)

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Lay Open the Mind (Your favorite Walkie Talky)

Post by Justin Cline on Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:10 pm

The Mekhet have been running amok (mostly just me) and Lay Open the Mind is written without any actual limitations.  So, the following is a house rule for it, which the Great and Powerful ADMIN can move to the house rules section I can't mess with.  In the meantime, Chris wanted this here:

Lay Open the Mind's ability to share thoughts  (aka talking to people mode), works within the same city.  However, the first time you connect with someone, you must be within sight.  Thereafter, you know what their mind's unique pattern is and can establish a link anywhere within the same city.  The ability to dig deeper for memories however is restricted to being within proximity.  Proximity is defined as the same room or within 100ft.

As normal, Lay Open the Mind lasts a scene or hour.  If the duration expires, you can spend another vitae to maintain the link (because that's the same as just activating the power again.)

The rules are modified slightly for DT actions.  Telepathy can be used in a DT action in one of two ways.

Method 1: If two (or more) characters are working on the same goal (coordinated action) they may remain in telepathic contact for the entirety of that action.

Method 2: A character can dedicate an action to "be on standby." Then other characters can perform any number of actions and be in contact.  That said, if your character is across town, it's unlikely you'll be saved from danger unless there is a plausible way for it to happen.  The best you can really hope for is the person on standby knowing when/where you got shanked.

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OOC: Justin Cline

The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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