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Courier delivered letter

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Courier delivered letter

Post by Justin Cline on Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:45 pm

+From the Desk of His Grace, Cardinal Alexandre Hayes, Respected Prince of Huntsville. Dictated by James Mathis, honored retainer+

Fellow Kindred of Huntsville, it is with a heavy heart I write to you tonight.  As I’m sure you are all very aware, the city has been in crisis these past few weeks.  What started as a seemingly small incursion by curious hunters has turned into a full blown war.  While I have been unable to ascertain all of the details on the movements of the Lupines and Hunters, it is clear that both groups (whether working together or independently) are out to send us all to our final deaths.  

When I took this office I swore to protect the Kindred of this city, to lead us into safer nights, to ensure the adherence to the Traditions.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of control of any of us, Huntsville has fallen into chaos.

However, this does not void the oath I took.  I will still do all I can to protect you all, and to this end I am moving the court of Huntsville to a new city.  North-east of here is a city named Dark Ridge.  It is nestled in the mountains of North Carolina and I have talked with a few other Kindred who have assured me it will be a good place to find safe haven.
So, I will be leaving Huntsville this coming Thursday.  I have called in several boons and have arranged safe transport between the cities.  Once we arrive I will ensure temporary living conditions for all who need it.  I am currently awaiting word from a few of the Kindred in Dark Ridge on some of the details of the city, but I feel that we must leave Huntsville soon, for the safety of us all.

If you would like to travel with myself and the Parish of Huntsville, meet at my estate after sunset on Thursday and I will ensure your protection as we travel to this new city.

As I gain further details on Dark Ridge I will update you all through this same courier.

Cardinal Alexandre Hayes,
Admired Prince of Huntsville
Respected Unifier of the Sanctified
Valued of the Daeva
Justin Cline

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