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Prisci Harpy Report February 2016

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Prisci Harpy Report February 2016

Post by scott.brown on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:16 pm

Although Prince Corsetti has told you all the tale of the last gathering from her perspective, allow me to present the story from my own perspective.  This last gathering started as so many nights before it. I rose.  I took stock of my surroundings.  I groomed myself and headed out into the glaring lights of the city.

Before I get on with my tale, I want to thank the Invictus, and particularly Prince Elena Corsetti, for playing host to the Damned.  We Kindred often have such a lack of care when it comes to the sanctity of other’s property.   Your fearlessness was not lost on me.

As is sometimes the case, I grew disenchanted with the usual stagnant repartee.  All the interesting conversations appeared to be occurring in darkened, unwelcoming corners or back-rooms.  I requested some of the Mekhet Priscus’ time, but he was otherwise indisposed.  Having already put in an appearance, and on a hunch, I decided to go see what this park-saving concert was all about.  Hopefully, I would be back in an hour.

I arrived at the darkened park – brighter and lighter than usual, but still fairly shadowy.  Unsurprisingly, the music was mostly of the rebellious youth variety – though the park was not as crowded as I had feared it would be.  I walked the perimeter and searched the park for unwelcome visitors.  I didn’t see any on the first pass.

Then, the earth unexpectedly began to shiver.  This movement quickly cascaded into an actual rumble – the music stopped; the earth pitched; the lights went out; there was screaming.  Crevices formed near me – I stumbled and then crawled toward an open area where nothing would hopefully fall on me.  

Then it stopped as suddenly as it started.  The ground was still, but I could still hear the sounds human shouts and screams.  Several car alarms blared above the human cries.  At this point a few fires were going – especially in ruined buildings around the park.  They and the moon were my only light.

I stood up and took a further look around – thinking this chaos was the perfect moment for opportunistic predators.  I caught one such would-be plunderer in a side alley across from the park.  After pinning him, he insisted in spouting the usual well-worn threats concerning “The Adversary.”  I gave him a good thrashing for his trouble and got some information concerning where his buddies might be holed-up.  

I took his limp form to the docks and hitched a ride across the bay inlet back to the district where the gathering was being held.  It was somewhat surreal that I could simply carry his limp form through the streets without it being questioned just once – a side effect of the earthquake.  It was more difficult travel than usual.  Most streets were crowded with scared people and debris.  I also discovered that a good portion of the Burnside district had sunken below sea level as I crossed the inlet.

I took corpse to the Prince and the Archon – mainly because I didn’t want to keep the torpored body, couldn’t leave it somewhere, and because he might have more information than I was able to extract from him.  From there Sir Quinton Lockewood, Vance Taylor, and Alayna Skuld accompanied to the one location this sad excuse for a Kindred was able to provide – “The Church.”

As many of you know, The Church is really just a brothel – and as before, travel was made more difficult by the recent disaster.  We took a boat because it would simply be the quickest way to and from.  We stormed in, mostly ignoring the usual residents, and they didn’t put a fight.  We found a storage room in the basement, containing many wooden crates.  Searching them, we discovered three gold sarcophagi among the contents.  I’d like to mention at this time, because it will be important to my tale a little later, that Sir Lockewood’s use of The Spirit’s Touch upon the sarcophagus was a harrowing experience that required him to keep control of his emotions.  

Curiosity getting the best of us, we opened the first one carefully.  Sir Lockewood sensed a Kindred presence and the room started to grow cold as a heavy mist spilled from the partially opened sarcophagus.  At this point, we could not leave an active Kindred in the sarcophagus so we reopened it which allowed me to drive a sharp stake made of wooden crate through its heart.  The mist vanished as the room temperature stabilized.  

In cooperation with the investigations of my companions, we came to the conclusion that these were powerful Kindred which had been shipped here – probably from Egypt.  We started to make arrangements to transport the sarcophagi back to the gathering location.  

At this point, Robin Hubble decided to bring a second group to The Church.  (I don’t remember everyone in her group, but it included Rabies, and two of the newer male Kindred in court.)  Through the use of the groups’ resources we managed to transport the sarcophagi back to the Prince.

Having already had a fairly busy night, I sat back while others went through the motions of investigating the sarcophagi.  I answered a few questions about how they were found, what was inside, etc.  I took a seat and relaxed.  Of course, it was then that young Sir Lockewood decided it would be a good opportunity to lay his hands upon the sarcophagus again.  As all of us present witnessed, he could not maintain his composure this time and flew into a frenzy.  He drew his blades and struck down Robin Hubble with two quick slashes.  Prince Corsetti was able to grab hold of the frenzied Lockewood, as did others.  (I believe Seneschal Jack was involved – but I may be conflating this with the fight which was to occur ten minutes later.)  

On Prince Corsetti’s orders, I drew a stake from Lockewood’s own belt and firmly pushed it between the appropriate ribs.  He went limp and Prince Corsetti took him to a back room – presumable to wake him up from torpor and further solidify her hold upon him.  She left the Seneschal in charge.

I wish to touch more upon Sir Lockewood’s recklessness.  Based on his experience from earlier in the night, Lockewood was certainly aware of the effect that using The Spirit’s Touch upon the sarcophagi could have upon him.  Apparently, in his young overconfidence, he thought he could contend with powers he did not wholly understand.  His frenzy endangered several Kindred, resulted in the torpor of Hubble, and required the intervention of several Kindred using the power of vitae to stop him.  We should expect more from someone of his stature.  Someone of his stature should know better.  Shame on you, Sir Quintin Lockewood, for your recklessness and your arrogance.  Your standing among society as surely been overrated for too long.  While you are still a valued member of this domain, you should take greater precautions when in the presence of your peers.  [OOC: Stripping Quintin Lockewood’s status by one which should place him now at City Status 3.]

After that fiasco, investigations into the sarcophagi continued.  The Kindred I had staked in the sarcophagus earlier that evening was carried into another room on Seneschal Jack’s orders so that it could be more carefully examined by William Foresyth of the Ordo Dracul.  I helped carry the sarcophagus and took a seat on the nearest couch – intrigued by the potential revelations Foresyth was preparing to expose.  Jack himself stayed to watch the examination.

Foresyth barely had a few minutes to examine the inlay and design of the sarcophagus itself before there was a commotion from the room we had departed.  You see, the other two sarcophagi had been left in that room under the watchful eye of Seneschal Jack.  Of course, he was not in that room to watch those sarcophagi.  A young, unacknowledged Kindred, whom I later was told went by the name Billie Moonshine, took this opportunity to sow chaos and flung open one of the two sarcophagi remaining in that room.

Prince Corsetti has already spent some words describing this second debacle so I won’t belabor you with a detailed battle description.  However, this idiot managed to release both elder Kindred contained within the two sarcophagi which had to be put down.  I ensured that the culprit would not get away – sending a manifestation of God’s will to hunt her down – though it was the reawakened Sir Lockewood who had the final blow to stop her escape.  

Rabies also managed an attempt to take advantage of the situation by dragging away one of the now torpored elders.  I was able to stop her getaway, and the Prince has punished her appropriately.  

Prince Corsetti, and I believe rightfully so, executed the idiot who opened the sarcophagi.  (I won’t mention her name again – as it really isn’t important.)  I have half-a-thought that she might have been a plant from our enemies, but I never got the chance to question her.  I believe it will be imperative that we closely question all newcomers in the coming nights.

Good evening to you all,
Pierce Hightower
Crusader of the Lancea Sanctum
Prisci Harpy

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