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Of Blood & Gold

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Of Blood & Gold

Post by Ambria on Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:59 am

Good Evening Kindred of quality and honored residents;

Our last Gathering was quite eventful. Many of you have shown yourselves to be valued members of the Court, while actions of others stir distrust.

Let us start at beginning, Da?

First order of business! It is found that a court member leave dinner before cleaning up!

When I first heard this, I sy no,no, this is work of Brood! No one in the Court of Dark Ridge would ever be so careless as to leave such evidence behind!

Imagine, my distress, when I find it IS true.
I heard even that this certain Kindred went days without eating, causing him to draw  too much when he finally slake thirst! Kine die, of course.

However, this is not unusual or even cause for major concern. In most cases.  It does when Kindred do  leave their accident behind, just waiting to be found.

Like in Vance Taylor’s case.

It take a group of Kindred to go clean up mess. If Mister Taylor has not properly thanked you for service, I suggest you go speak to him.
I do not often reduce someone to merely acknowledged. However, this is a large oversight, needing the involvement of other to hide such a breach of the Masquerade. Because of this event the Court no longer recognizes Vance Taylor.

Not long after I call Court, we have massive earthquake. Thankfully, no Kindred loss was found to have happened.
Only district fall into Bay!  Bad loss, terrible thing. City in chaos.

Inside chaos, these Brood, these trouble-makers, roam free. Mister Hightower catches one, beats it into telling him where others may be.
He discover place called The Church, and many brave kindred go to investigate!
They bring back news and three sarcophagi , heavy with precious metal. They say there are Kindred inside, that Hightower had to torpor one as it tried to rise.

Indeed, the Blood is far more potent in these three then even that which runs through my veins.
They are old, old enough to be from another world, and their thoughts cannot be perceived.
Just the attempt to understand their minds was enough to drive Sir Lockewood into temporal madness.

When he reclaimed his thoughts, we entered back into the room to find it disarray.
Some Savage wanderer had awoken those sleeping ancients who were now rising to feed on the assembled gathering!

Many rose to that occasion. Even our newest members proved themselves, if not by strength in battle, than by cunning. I look at you Mister Jed when I say such things.
Mister Jack prove to be quite ruthless! His strength is quite frightening, and I do not say such things lightly.

However, in midst of battle with ancients, the Haunt known as Rabies decide to take different turn of course. She hold up body of one of these strange Kindred and begin to drag it away , even while her fellow Kindred still fought with the remaining two ancients.
Now, I am not one to say that our previously valued member was taking away such a prize in order to drink its heart’s blood. To untrained kindred eye, it may look as such, but I am sure she have reason that not be involving breaking our scared traditions.
However, no reason can be given for taking such action in midst of crisis.
Therefore, Rabies shall only be recognized for her actions.

It was soon over, with the Kindred that had woken the three beasts safely in torpor. I returned her to God, as her Sire should have done when he made her.
I will say now what I say then.  Under no circumstance will such actions that endanger our Court be tolerated. Especially from Unaligned visitors.

For their actions, both in battle and in investigation; I raise Jacob Henning of the Gangrel to Recognized.
For spending a good deal uncovering the Brood’s plans as well as putting down the Ancient’s before they could awaken I raise Mister Hightower to Valued.

Kindred of the Court, these present nights have been troubling.  
Our City is crumbling, quite literally, from the foundations.
We had first thought that Old Ghosts were the cause for the Decay; that the Strix that followed us, possessed us invaded our very havens and children were the focus for our concern.

But it was not so.

Even they, atrocious and spiteful, claimed to only be the harbingers of that what was to come.
So, even as Sir Lockewood cut the last Strix in twain, destroying both itself and its host, it laughed.

So, my dear Kindred, comes our trouble.  
It comes in form of quakes, of buildings toppling and entire land masses sinking into the waters.
It comes from those that would seek to steal our Blood, to unlock its power for themselves.
It comes from rogue Kindred filling our streets, worshiping demons and tearing down all that we have built.

If anything is to be known, it is that evil has come to our very doorstep.

Everything  you have fought, everything you have conquered was just a small step to prepare you for this.

We pass into the shadow of the Valley of Death now.  Some have fallen; some have simply turned away, seeking safety in whatever form it may come in.

But should we fear evil? I say no. I say God is still with us.
This point in our Requiem will grow dark.
But we will not falter, nor forget our purpose.

We will conquer.

And we will rise.

Inscribed this night by James Hostewick,

By the will of the Honorable Alder Elena of House Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge.
-- Invictus, Succubus, Damned --

Alder Elena Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge
Valued of the Daeva
Valued of the First Estate

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