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Dark Ridge Reporter February Edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter February Edition

Post by Carl Jordan on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:39 pm

Police Drones MIA

DRPD had reason to be hopeful recently as they initiated a new Drone Program that would help to ensure the safety of its citizens. However, in usual fashion the DRPD hit a stroke of bad luck as it was reported that the Drones we've all been expecting to see flitting about the city all month went missing last week.

Thought to be the work of the same cyber terrorist group that robbed the Dark Ridge banking system blind not long ago, the hijacked drones recently made a reappearance as what one eye witness calls "Dueling Drones" in various locations around the city.

DR Police are asking for any information to be called into the crime stoppers hotline. A reward of $500 is being offered for each returned drone.


Aegis Security, not living up the their reputation?

Businesses across the city are in a panic today as reports roll in of break ins, vandalizing, robbery and other similar crimes. All of the companies stricken by this rash of bad luck have one thing in common. They're all secured by Aegis Security.

Guards on duty at every scene report memory loss, unexplained injuries, and missing co-workers. The police have no suspects at this time, but ask any information gathered be sent to their Crime Stoppers hotline immediately.
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