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Dark Ridge Reporter, January 2016 edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter, January 2016 edition

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:46 pm

Front page, Headline news in every media source found in Dark Ridge:

Terrorist attack at City Hall claims the life of Dark Ridge Mayor, Dr. Maxwell Harper

A bomb exploded in Mayor Harper's office on January 4th, Mayor Harper is presumed dead.
The Terrorist group is still unidentified and any information should be called into the Dark Ridge Crime Stoppers hotline.
Police and Fire teams are on the scene and investigating.
Details will be reported as they are received.

Other News:

Petty crime on the rise in Dark Ridge

Reports from the DRPD indicate that petty crime, robberies, and drug related incidents have doubled in frequency in the past year in Dark Ridge. A source claims that the DRPD are ramping up their task force teams again to hit the streets with more focus on gangs, drugs and violent crimes.

Girl found dead in Glenrose Coffee Shop
It was a normal Sunday morning for Daria Martinez. She woke up, had her morning cuppa, and headed in to work at the Beans N' Books Cafe in Glenrose. She opened the store as normal, began grinding some fresh beans and putting the first few pots of coffee on to brew. She took a break to use the restroom before unlocking the door and that's when she found the body of 15 year old Maria Monroe. At first Daria thought the girl was sleeping it off in the restroom, and when Daria tried to wake her, the body was cold, and stiff.
Police sources indicate that Maria was a registered missing person since July of 2015, and a foster child who had run away from home. Autopsy reports indicate that Maria died due to Heroin overdose.

Dark Ridge Police to begin use of Surveillance Drones

Despite the public outcry to cease the program, Dark Ride Police are moving forward with their Surveillance Drone program.
"We'll start with 5 drones. They'll go up and patrol the city day and night. All the footage will be streamed back to a secure location using a confidential wireless program. We're not trying to spy on anyone, we're trying to get a better understanding of hot spots for crime in the city. We can't put enough officers on the ground to keep a watch on everything at once. These drones will help. When the surveillance tech sees a problem on one of the feeds, they'll dispatch units to that location and focus the drone in on the problem area. It's a really great crime fighting tool and it's going to help us put a lot of bad people behind bars. Innocent citizens of Dark Ridge have no reason to fear this program." A police spokesman told us during the Press Conference.


For Sale: 1991 BMW, Good Condition, Call 555-672-1243

Wanted: Room mate
Seeking a room mate to help me cover the high cost of living in this damned city. Must be non-smoker, quiet, clean and willing to put up with the occasional board game night. Call 555-653-3123 for more information.

Help Wanted: Raw Earth Organic Cafe
Organic Coffees and Teas, Fresh ingredients, All natural foods. Seeking Baristas, Wait staff and Deli Chefs. Must have references, organic lifestyle a plus. Contact Daisy at the new "Raw Earth Organic Cafe" on Platte and Riverfront in Englewyld. Applicants must apply in person, We do not have a telephone or internet access.

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