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A New Year a New Gathering

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A New Year a New Gathering

Post by Chris Alexander on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:04 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of Dark Ridge,

If there are no objections, seeing as no one has volunteered, I and the Movement would like to host the next Gathering. Now that I actually have members again I would like a chance to introduce them to our Havens and Businesses. So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. So I invite everyone to come to the Pi Lounge to celebrate the beginning of a New Year as I celebrate actually having a Covenant to share it with.

Remember for those who have been there before, present you VIP cards to the hostesses and they will give you escort to Club Requiem where you can dine on Lacrima or the wait staff, your choice. For those not familiar with the Lounge a VIP card will be sent with an official Invitation to the Lounge (OOC: which everyone will receive).

Beyond that the Lounge has 3 other levels.
Level 1: one half Restaurant one half Smoking Lounge complete with Hookah's and a vapor bar (a unique feature to the Pi Lounge)
Level 2: Gamer's Paradise - One Half similar to a Dave and Buster's one half dedicated to Video gamers with huge video screens and scattered with computer terminals.
Level 3: Club Pi - A Hub of Light and Sound with the bar at the center surrounded a room dedicated to dancing to your heart's content.

The New Year promises to be wild

With Regards
Chris Alexander

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