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Winter Masque

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Winter Masque

Post by Chris Alexander on Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:35 pm

Kindred of Dark Ridge,

Forgive the late notice, but I now have the necessary information for the upcoming Gala event. As you may know, this gathering will be a celebration for our dear Prince, Alder Earl Elena Corsetti. A celebration of our Prince’s death and rebirth into our society. As such, her Grace has generously opened the doors of the Invictus Haven to all who would share in this momentous event with her. The event shall be a Winter Masquerade, so bring your best formal attire and garnish it up a bit with a little winter flare.

Her Grace has also let it be known that she shall have yet another parlor game to play. So expect our recently raised Sir Q to pout in the corner again and refuse to play, or throw the game off entirely. Then again our city’s Archon does have a lot on his mind now a days managing Glendale. Her Grace has hinted that this event’s prize shall be some relic of some sort, an artifact as she calls it, though what is remains a secret.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, you have now been invited to dance, to celebrate, and play among your fellows. May the nights to come and those that follow find you well. See you at the Masque.

With regards,
Chris Alexander

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Re: Winter Masque

Post by Ambria on Fri Dec 11, 2015 4:55 pm

For our Salon game...

We will be playing the game of Cups, though I'll be switching up some things to make it better fit into our game.

Think of it as Vampire Truth or Dare. You may want to bring some questions to the table, and think about what your PC would or would not answer. Sarah is giving me a relic as a prize.
I will throw people out for boring questions/and or answers. We don't care if your favorite color is blue.

Sample questions:
Have you ever fed from a Kindred?
When was the last time?
Have you ever killed a Kine on accident?
Have you ever killed a Kinderd?
Do you know powers of the blood outside your family?
Have you ever broken a boon?
Are you blood bound?
Have you had dealings with other supernaturals?
What is your age?
And Ect...

You can pass on a question. But only twice (I may switch it to once to make it go quicker) before you're out of the circle.

Full rules can be found here¬if_t=group_comment

Alder Elena Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge
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