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Prisci Harpy Report November 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report November 2015

Post by ScorpioKitty on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:57 pm

I do apologize for the delay of this Report, but here we are. The evening started with the arrival of a trio of new Kindred. There is Mr. Barrod, a member of my own clan, who I believe is leaning towards joining the Circle. Miss Becka is a lovely Daeva who currently lacks a covenant. And last, but certainly not least, there is Miss Ophelia, a Mekhet of the Invictus? Forgive me, dearest newcomers, if any of this information is incorrect and please feel free to send me a message with the corrections. I welcome any and all updates.

There were a great many absences as well. Mr. Bradford was away doing a favor for the Prince, but what of the others? Lady Kenzington was not present at Court and neither was Mr. Vance Taylor. Mr. Foresyth was missing as well. Please remember that your presence is required if you wish to retain your status! Especially that of Valued, Lady Kenzington. I'm sure you will easily regain your status upon your return to Court, but for now I must see that you are once again only Recognized.

A couple of quick updates: Miss Robin Hubble was made Sheriff and is once again Recognized by the Prince. Miss Hubble has quite the impressive array of positions! She is Gangrel Priscus, Hierophant of the Circle, Sheriff, Royal Talon – though perhaps this last position is no longer required, as it would appear that the position of Royal Harpy is now vacant. Miss Dalca has managed to, once again, irk the Elders of this city. It seems this is becoming a regular occurrence and unfortunately for this transgression and her removal from the honored position of Royal Harpy, she is now merely Acknowledged.

For those unaware, Eliot Gray's ashes were found by Robin, Rabies, and I. They were at the bottom of the bay among the remains of a great many Kindred and Kine in what appears to be in the typical fashion of mob hits. Once again Miss Rabies shows her dedication to this city! For her part in this matter, I would see her as a Valued member of this great city. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Barrod and Miss Becka did some exploring of their own and found the previous home of the so-called “mole people” who have emerged from below the surface in an attempt to rejoin Kine society. Dark Ridge never ceases to amaze. While the five of us were below the water's surface we could find no sign of the fiery pit that Sir Lockewood described, though we did find a crevice of lava rock where an unnatural heat was sensed. Hopefully this means that the danger has passed, though somehow I doubt it.

Apparently there was some fuss over the issue of Glendale. It was claimed that there were people chanting the Prince's name and invading the Mage's territory, breaking the agreement that was previously made. Miss Dalca and Mr. Andrews ran into the fray and somewhere in the chaos Mr. Andrews managed to be torpored. The details are unclear, but Sir Lockewood solved this issue through an unknown means. He claims to have made a deal with the Mage: he is now the only one allowed within Glendale and if anyone enters, Sir Lockewood and that disobedient individual will die. And we certainly wouldn't want that! So everyone please avoid Glendale. It would be a terrible blow for Dark Ridge if our beloved Hound was killed by some troublesome Necromancer. He should be commended for his bravery and devotion to Dark Ridge, and so I would see Sir Lockewood raised to Respected.

Speaking of Sir Lockewood...apparently after vouching for the new Mekhet Ophelia, he went off on his own business and left her behind. Perhaps this was for her own safety, but it was quite rude – and potentially dangerous for the rest of Court. After all, we knew nothing of this new Kindred. I thought that when someone was vouched for, she became the responsibility of that individual. Perhaps I am simply mistaken. And by Miss Ophelia's own words, she was lurking about in the shadows in order to spy upon the rest of us. Very odd behavior indeed.

There have been some troubling accusations being thrown carelessly about this city. Be wary, citizens of Dark Ridge, and watch those wagging tongues. Such gossip will no longer be tolerated by Her Grace and should not be encouraged by the rest of us.

Anyway! I am looking forward to next month's Gathering. Seeing everyone in their finest will be wonderful, especially since I was not able to properly attend the previous masquerade.

Until then, I wish you all goodnight.

((Any spelling or grammatical errors are due to the player and not the character. If you have a correction, please PM me.))

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