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A Missive from the Prince

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A Missive from the Prince

Post by Ambria on Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:45 pm

Good Evening Kindred of quality, honored residents,
and welcome visitors of Dark Ridge,

Past and current events have guided my hand into removing Eliza Dalca from the office of Harpy.
For I stated from the very beginning the tradition of Deference, of respect given to those in Age and Station.
Barbed words to Elders should be carefully considered before spoken, or penned and should be with good purpose, or action, not because one's blood is still warm with youth.

Should any Kindred desire to fill vacant spot they have only to contact Mister Jack with good proposal.

For his loyal service to me and the Invictus I name Sir Quinton Lockewood Regent over the district known as Glendale.
He is granted all domain rights over it from this night forth.

In case it was missed, Robin Hubble has received the privilege of being my Reeve.
As such she is Recognized once more in my eyes.
As is Ms. Katlina Voland.

Our Unaligned Visitors that wish for acknowledgement should be Courted by those Covenants wishing to swell their numbers.
I speak for the First Estate in saying that while we welcome applicants, the desire to join us should come from your heart, not ours.
Should you be from strong blood and wish to join one of the oldest and strongest Orders my office is open to you.
No "new" Unaligned will be granted Acknowledgement, or attain the right to haven or herd. They are to be completely depended on their Clan until deciding to join a Covenant, at which time Acknowledgement will be granted, as with all the rights and privileges that go along with it.

We will be having a Masked Winter Ball next month. It will also be my Death Day.
My Seneschal will have the details in a few nights.
Have a good night, and happy hunting.

Inscribed this night by James Hostewick,

By the will of the Honorable Alder Elena of House Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge.
-- Invictus, Succubus, Damned --

Alder Elena Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge
Valued of the Daeva
Valued of the First Estate

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