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Prisci Harpy Report October 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report October 2015

Post by ScorpioKitty on Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:19 pm

What an eventful night! And for me, it was quite the eventful month. Allow me to explain my absence and my whereabouts, in case any of you were curious.

Mr. Richard Bradford, against all odds, managed to rescue me. Yes! Alone and without the protection of the city, Richard came to the rescue! It seemed he was not content to wait and for that I am grateful. For those unaware, I was taken by Kindred from Corsetti Mountains (the same Kindred Robin warned Her Grace about previously). After spending time in torpor, I awoke to torture, chains and cages. From what I could gather, these Kindred have some kind of agreement with a pack of werewolves and intended to use me as some kind of sacrifice to appease the beasts. I am forever grateful that Richard arrived when he did: any longer and I might not be around right now. He certainly saved the day and his bravery should be commended! I would see him returned to a Valued member of Dark Ridge.

And it isn't simply because he rescued me. He was also involved with the investigation that led to the rescue of Kindred who were being kept by Kine, who were apparently making some kind of drug from their blood. Mr. Bradford continues to do everything he can to assist his fellow Kindred in this great city, despite his sudden and uncharacteristic flares of temper lately. They asked for assistance and he came quickly and without hesitation. Lady Kenzington, Mr. Taylor, Miss Rabies, and Miss Dalca also deserve commendations for their bravery in the rescue of our missing brethren.

I would also see Miss Rabies raise to Recognized. Not only was she involved in the aforementioned rescue, but she has been greatly involved in other investigations as well. She helped with the recovery of Miss Victoria Charleston back in July. She is always at Court and is one of the few of us that never seems to cause a fuss! Yet she is also always willing to lend a helping hand and do whatever is asked of her. She intended to assist in my rescue and she has been an adorable presence since her arrival. Do continue your good work, my dear!

Some claim that they did not even know about my disappearance. Is this true? Did Robin not publicly announce at the end of the last gathering what had happened? And yet only a few had gathered to try and rescue me. Robin, of course, but also Miss Rabies, Father Strange, Mr. Foresythe, Mr. Taylor, and even Mr. Jack! It seems despite our differences, Mr. Jack cared enough about the safety of his fellow Kindred to try and help. For that, Mr. Jack, I am grateful. Perhaps I was too quick to judge you a coward. You do seem to be proving your bravery and loyalty to this city time and time again. You offered your safe house to us when we were in danger last month and you attempted to warn the Prince of future attacks to keep everyone safe. For these brave actions (and many more that I haven't the time to mention here), I would see you once again Respected.

Others of Dark Ridge were not so inclined to offer assistance. I even hear that some of you outright refused! Were you frightened? Or was this desire to leave me to die a more personal grudge? What a shame, considering those lovely speeches we were left with after the last gathering, which seemed to involve the desire to work together and see our difficulties solved.

Speaking of difficulties...

For those of you who are unaware, Dark Ridge is surrounded by enemies. Let us count them off, shall we? In case your memory has failed you. There are the Strix, capable of possessing Kindred and even raising them from Torpor. Then there is the Brood, who seem to know far too much. Then we have a Mage living in the city as well. Sherwood Park has a strange portal within its borders that leads to an even stranger world. There is a pack of werewolves romping around Corsetti Mountains, possibly in cahoots with outside Kindred. And finally, it appears that there is a fiery, lava-filled pit somewhere in the bottom of the bay, which apparently causes earthquakes and possibly the end of the world. Have I forgotten anything?

Oh, yes. I suppose I forgot the mention the most dangerous offender of them all: Her Grace Alder Elena Corsetti. Our Prince seems quite inclined to ignore the advice of her council and allow attacks to proceed. Apparently she was very much aware of the impeding attack last month and yet did nothing. Ah, and the month before that at her lovely Vices and Virtues gala? Rumor has it that the entire thing was a ploy by Her Grace to attract the Strix to our location! We were bait, my fellow Kindred, unaware and unprepared. Well, most of us were unaware anyway. There may have been at least one other who knew of the Prince's plan.

These are just rumors, of course! Perhaps we should have our Sheriff do a little more investigating into the matter...

Oh. Wait. We don't have a Sheriff, now do we? Only a lonesome Prince and her faithful Hound. Hmm. Well, hopefully that will change soon!

Yes, we are surrounded by enemies, yet many of you tell me that we are not without hope. I do hope you are right. It would truly be a shame to see the great city of Dark Ridge fall.

Finally, I would like to publicly apologize for the last gathering. I acted out of anger in my attempts to seek vengeance upon those who wronged me. Being left in torpor and then tortured for a month drove me into unusual aggression. Do not misunderstand: I am not apologizing for my fury or my actions, for I feel I was justified in seeking revenge (though many of you may disagree). I am apologizing for dragging this personal matter into the Gathering and putting you all at risk.

We were very lucky that Lady Kenzington used her Daeva charms to distract the guards while all this was taking place. Without her particular talents, the Masquerade would have surely been at risk. Of course our own little masquerade party didn't seem to last very long. Very few donned their masks again after the attack, which was rather disappointing. Had I been aware of the celebration and capable, I surely would have joined in.

Might I add, Mr. Foresythe, that you are exhausting. It is all well and good for you to be a pacifist, but to try and force your unusual ways upon the rest of us? We are Kindred. We are predators, not prey! Some of us are not so intent to deny our natures either! Feel free to behave in a manner that you are most comfortable with, but do not expect others to follow your example. If you expect non-violence here in Dark Ridge, I am afraid you have come to the wrong city.

So many Kindred are inclined to call the rest of us monsters and beasts, yet refuse to admit that their own darkness exists. Perhaps you should look down from your pedestals every once in a while and try not to be so hypocritical.

And now a message from our sponsors your Prisci Council:

Sir Lockewood would like to thank everyone for coming to the October Masquerade hosted by the Prisci Council and held at Aegis. If not for some minor damage and unexpected guests, he believes that it was a decent gathering. At the very least nothing was set aflame. With diligent investigations we were even able to recover Kindred, we thought had amicably left the city, from the hands of over enterprising Kine. With more team work like this we will surely stand against the trials and tribulations before us.

He would also like to stress that he strongly discourages any from entering Sherwood Park, Corsetti Mountain and the Bay. There are many unknowns in those areas that can lead to death. It is also important to mention that the mage of Glenndale has permission to defend his borders and likely will lead to death should any enter his domain. If you are insistent to enter these places, Sir Lockewood would make certain you inform your friends of your intent so that we can respond appropriately should you go missing.

He also expressed his commendation towards Mr. Bradford for my rescue and commented that it was good they were able to resolve my disappearance and safely secure me from the clutches of mad Kindred.

Yes, very good indeed. I am pleased to be back.

Until next month,
Stay safe!

((Any spelling or grammatical errors are due to the player and not the character. If you have a correction, please PM me.))

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