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Royal Harpy Report October 2015

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Royal Harpy Report October 2015

Post by Eliza Dalca on Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:48 pm

Dear Kindred of Dark Ridge,

What an interesting month we've had despite how small court was,  I know I certainly had my hands full with how much we had to do. But before we begin, I think that some warnings must be said.

Anyone who desires to leave Dark Ridge, for whatever reason, should be escorted out if you don't desire to be kidnapped and tapped into like a beer keg. It seems our little Vita case has stumbled upon the Kindred we thought had just left, stuck in walls, being sucked dry! I was more than horrified to find this out, and because of such I felt that others should know to be extremely careful.

It also seems that I was right, we do have werewolves, and Kindred are feeding Kindred to these creatures! Apparently they live in the mountains, so please tread carefully if you're going there. Our poor Kat had been kidnapped, and by luck alone did Bradford find her without any sort of backup to defend himself with; they both were lucky to get her back to our Court so we could handle anyone that came after them. Though I doubt I could say anything more than what Miss Hubble or Mr. Foresythe already did, so I'll leave that as is.

Alejandro and his friend are also dead, I am informed, so we won't have to worry
about that any further, thankfully.

Add on the fact that we have an apparent 'Pit into Hell' that has been opened by some unknown means, and we're bound to have a party filled with demons soon enough. Busy, busy, busy...

Though what I cannot sadly say is that punishment can be avoided for such, at last some have done enough to gain or lose status, and they are as follows:

Lady Abigail, I will be raising you to Valued for your amazing feat in keeping Masquerade intact, you also gained quite a bit of respect from me. Thank you, sincerely.

Miss Kat, I was upset to be informed that you actually threatened to burn the city down, then broke Masquerade right along with it! I'm lowering you to Acknowledged as such, and I do hope that you will actually follow our laws, while we are glad that you are okay, it doesn't give you the right to try and condemn the rest of us.

Miss Hubble, I must sadly lower your status as well, and I apologize for such. It seems that because of your brutal honesty and uncaring for other peoples feelings has caused this. I believe you can guess who is behind this and why I must, I sincerely hope you can continue helping this city as well as you have.

Mr. Bradford, I will be lowering you to Recognized for starting four fights within the course of two months; two of which were with Court Members and one being with the Prince. I had hoped that my previous warning would keep you from slapping other citizens, but it seems that wasn't enough for you. Despite this, we are all grateful for your aide in finding and rescuing several of our own.

For those who desire to keep from losing their city status, let's remember that starting fights instead of talking like rational adults is definitely a fast route to losing your standing in this city. We have enough on our hands with Stryx, Werewolves, Mages, and the like, don't add more onto this Scooby Doo town by bringing your personal drama on the loudest possible volume into Gathering. Thank you.

Now that all that mess is out of the way, who will be leading our next Gathering? I'm eager to know how the weather fairs here in Dark Ridge compared to Romania, keep up the amazing work everyone!

Oh and I also eagerly await another rebuttal against this report, I always enjoy a good read.

[ OOC:  Let's remember that this isn't me, this is Eliza. <3 Any mistakes are on part of the player not the character, thank you. ]

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Valued in the First Estate
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