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A Call for Information

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A Call for Information

Post by ScorpioKitty on Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:30 pm

Fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge,

Please send any and all information that you wish to be reported in the Prisci Harpy Report within this week.

I intend to publish my Report next week and I cannot be held responsible for any information that I have simply not been made aware of.

If you have any new boons to report, this would be a good opportunity to have those recorded as well.

Thank you,


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Re: A Call for Information

Post by Carl Jordan on Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:42 am

Madam Harpy,

On behalf of myself and the Sanctified, I am pleased to report that the property stolen from Lillian Blackmoore has been found and returned to us by the Circle of the Crone. Alder Blackmoore has agreed we have no need for any further penance or prestation for the past transgression, and we would like to thank Miss Hubble for being the only honorable, honest, and morally principled of all those culpable, either in the original crime or since.

Miss Hubble, your ability to admit error and take action to correct it immediately, even when the error was not your own, proves you understand the necessities of our social structure better than several others, some more than twice your age. We may be damned, power-thirsty monsters, but we are in this eternal night together. We mustn't let our selfish natures destroy those time-honored social tenets that allow us to live and work together when needed. Having status and station should make one more responsible for how your actions affect others, not less. Bravo, Miss Hubble, for being the only remotely responsible or honest kindred involved.

Alder Father Jonathan Strange,
Former Seneschal of the late Cardinal Hayes of Huntsville,
Former Archivist of Baton Rouge,
Valued Ostiary of the Sanctified,
Valued Haunt,
Tolerated in Dark Ridge.
Carl Jordan

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