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Prisci Harpy Report 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report 2015

Post by Meg Johnson on Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:21 am

Dearest Dark Ridge,

Most of you may have heard that Katlina Voland is missing. The priscus council met and decided that it still needed a voice. So, I will be presenting this months Priscus Harpy Report. I will try to keep this brief, but I make no promises. I have a lot of information that I need to reveal to the kindred of Dark Ridge.

First, I would like to start off with some good vibes. I would like to praise William, our local monk, for proving his dedication to the path he walks and his loyalty to this city. He has obviously impressed someone, because a certain individual came to me stating and I quote “ A man with a sense of non-violence has proven time and time again that he can still assist us and be an upstanding part of our court.” Personally, I am inclined to agree. I would see Mr. William raised to recognized.

Another individual I would like to raise in status is Sir Quentin Lockwood. He has been preforming his duties as her grace's archon like a good little guard dog. He has even been willing to leave us brave kindred to fend against the brood to save our regal Lady. He has put great effort into furthering the prince's plans and actions for this city and because of that, I now view him as valued in this wonderful place we call home.

Then there is Richard Bradford. Just to inform those who may not have been there. He worked his mojo and made it where if you left you could not come back into the area for like a week. This peeved our Prince to the point of her striking him. Richard took his reprimand like a champ, but lets hope that was a lesson learned. He is now a valued member of Dark Ridge.

Now that all this mess is over, lets review what we know about our last court meeting. We all met at Bruce and Scarlet's club. It did not take long for the brood to make their presence known. They burst through the ceiling and doors of the club. With some struggle we managed to acquire a couple of the brood members. The club was sadly set on fire and we had to make a quick escape.  

We first met up at one of Jack's safe houses. We then found out that it might not be as safe as he thought and decided to move the meeting to the Corsetti Mansion. The brood that were captured ended up being possessed by strix. One of the possessed brood was interrogated, but gave up no useful information. When it was realized that it would not stay in torpor while possessed and was starting to wiggle out of it's bindings it had to die.

The strix soon started running wild in the mansion. This is when the altercation between our Prince and Richard came into play. Richard did his magic and the prince was upset that she could not leave and return to her parlor. It seemed that she had this great need to confront the Strix herself. In the end her need won out and me, Rabies, and herself all headed towards the creatures location.

Upon arriving it seemed that Mr. Hightower had already managed to kill it. So, that was something new we learned about our great adversaries. Although, we did get conflicting stories on how he did it. One source says that he used claws, which I find very interesting, to rip the shadow apart. Mr. Hightower on the other hand claims he simply used his hands.

Although, this altercation proved fruitful. It has been brought to my attention that the Prince knew about it all along. She was given details that were brushed to the side. This is not the first time she waved stuff away. Remember those hillbillies in the mountains I told her about in August? She waved them off with a brush of her hand. Then they came into her city and took Kat. Lets look more closely at the decision to leave Jack's safe house? We left his safe house and went to the Corsetti Mansion, which turned out to be overrun by strix.

Were we used as bait? I certainly feel like a worm dangling from a hook!

So, with all that being said. I was told a little something that I think the rest of you need to hear as well. Maybe it is time for less gala's, parties, and masquerades and we start doing something about the state of our city. I think this is sound advice. We are enjoying these parties and letting our city crumble around us.

I would personally like to thank Jack. He showed unusual courage when fighting the brood at The Night's Embrace.  He then stepped up and was willing to shelter the entire court while we regrouped. Everyone should offer him a thank you of some kind.

That is enough talk about the grotesque state of our situation. Let us move on to more exciting news. The Prisci Council will be hosting the next gathering. It seems Sir Q has proved the location. There will be security measures in place. This will be a masquerade. Costumes and masks are encouraged for the event; However, this is a court meeting. If you have forgotten what that means let me remind you. Court meetings are where we come together and share information and make plans or resolve a current issue. We have not been doing this extremely well. Lets try a little harder.

I would also like to note that Sir Q. is trying to gather information on the brood. If you would please approach him with information you have it is appreciated. If you have a means of helping gather information, offer your services. Thank you!

Kindred of Dark Ridge, I have harped enough. I leave you with my hopes that we can redeem our city and rise above the current state. I wish you all a goodnight.


(( Any mistakes are on part of the player, not the character. ))

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