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Royal Harpy Report September 2015

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Royal Harpy Report September 2015

Post by Eliza Dalca on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:04 am

Dear Members of Dark Ridge,

Finally a step in the right direction! We have a way to kill Stryx, in their phantom form they can be torn apart, though I will still caution against blindly waltzing into their arms without backup. Thank you, Mr. Hightower, for your aide to this city by finding out this information. The Prince has also awarded you with making you Recognized in this city, to which I congratulate you on.

Drama, per usual, has taken the city for another ride yet again. Who would've thought that The Night's Embrace also housed unacknowledged vampires? Not only that but isn't it basic safety regulation here in America to have sprinklers, or at the very least a fire extinguisher in case of faulty wiring? That's at least what I'm assuming happened, as I was apparently placed under torpor from the enemies that hid in the rafters.

Outside of that, it seems our Park has some extra 'magical' qualities that we didn't know about until recently. While I'm certainly interested in what the cause of such an anomaly is happening, the Prince has advised that we stay away from the Park until further notice, and I must agree.

I must say though, our Prince is definitely willing to do more than just talk when it comes to the people of this city, I also give commendation to Bradford for his self control.

Though I am thoroughly surprised to find out from a little birdie that Mr. Andrews and Bradford were fighting? Boys, come on now, I know tension is high but let's save our rage for the right thing. Mr. Bradford, I also didn't take you for such a physically engaging type, this is your second fight within the past four months, isn't it?

We have a way to kill the Stryx now, things will look up from here on out. I wish you all safe nights ahead.

Eliza Dalca
Royal Harpy

[ OOC: Any mistakes are on part of the player, not the character. Thank you. Pierce Hightower is now City Status 2 ]

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