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Royal Harpy Report August 2015

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Royal Harpy Report August 2015

Post by Eliza Dalca on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:30 pm

Dear Members of Dark Ridge,

What an interesting month for us indeed! I believe we must all thank our lovely Prince for opening up her home to us so we could enjoy our delightful game. It certainly was of major interest, wasn't it? I know I had fun, and that was certainly new for someone like me.

We of course have some new titles to recall whenever we met these specific Kindred, and I only relay this information so others can read back just to make sure they're not being rude. Lady Abigail and Sir Quinton are now sworn to the Invicitus, within the opposite hand, Mister Bradford has left the Invictius and request we no longer call him by Lord.

Also, our Prince has made some adjustments to the status system we have going, and everything is now listed below:

Mr. Jacob Andrews is bumped down to Valued for not showing up to court, please remember that when holding a Respected position you must make your presence known.

Mr. Thomas Whitlocke is bumped down to Acknowledgment for not appearing at Court for several consecutive months.

A new kindred in our city as well, please welcome Mr. Pierce Hightower, an L.S. Ventrue who has gained Acknowledgment by our Prince. We hope you find the city pleasurable, Mr. Hightower.

Also Miss Xil, a very shy Nosferatu, has gained Acknowledgment as well. I wish the very same of you my dear.

Speaking of Mr. Whitlocke, because of his extended absence the Sheriff position has been reopened for the taking. I'm sure everyone has their certain individual they'd like to see owning that title, but everyone is allowed to take a shot at it. Hopefully not literally.

Just to refresh everyone's memory, I have acquired a new Talon for myself, Miss Robin Hubble.

The night of course didn't go without something extremely odd happening, our Mr. Parker appeared back into Court looking as if he'd been underwater for far too long, and according to him, he had been! There was of course questions and interrogations made, one can never be too careful in a city as oddly dangerous as ours, but he has done well to clear his absence up for us.

We are still hunting Elliot's killer down, the Prince has even offered a major boon up for anyone who can retrieve his ashes and return them to us. Please keep your safety in mind when doing this, a major boon is not worth someone's life.

The night couldn't go without a bang though, as Mister Bradford and Sir Quinton thought it would be amusing to fight in the middle of Gathering, to with was no surprise for myself when Bradford's ghouls decided they would take aim onto Sir Quinton. Rabies, the poor darling, ended up getting stabbed in the forehead by one of the ghouls, which ended with the ghoul's life being taken by Mr. Parker. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, I believe the saying goes? I understand that termination is the default for a ghoul that wrongfully brings harm to a vampire, but perhaps next time we'll have the courtesy to do so in a professional manner? I know that's hard to understand for some kindred in this city, but I'll give credit where it's due, at least those involved had the common sense to go through the proper chain of command in order to handle the situation.
Mr. Bradford darling, a word of advice, please make sure to keep an eye on your ghoul; I rather not see blood wasted fruitlessly.
Along with that, it seems that Sir Quinton left a note for our Prince, yes darling I read that and to say I was intruiged would be an amusing statement. It was just a silly game love! Don't let a little stair case fun go to your head~

Speaking of proper chain of command, it'll do you well to remember who to go to before you decide to bother our Prince with your issues. First you attempt to deal with the issue yourself, if it's between Clan members go to your Priscus, if Covenant, your respected leader; if you cannot come to a happy conclusion by this point, go to the Prisci Harpy, then myself as the Royal Harpy. By some strange reason you cannot agree with our ruling on the matter, go to the Seneschal, if you still don't agree then you can go to the Prince with your issue.
I know it may seem difficult to understand, but please attempt to burn this into your memory the next time an issue occurs, it's not that hard once it sinks in.

Miss Scarlet and Mr. Bruce have been so kind as to offer their establishment for the next gathering, and have made a point to offer said place as a relaxing spot for kindred, I personally thank you for such kindness, sir and madam. Club Vixxen needs to watch out if they desire any customers, perhaps a collaberation would do some good?~

I have to apologize for any lacking content, seeing as I was pulled into several different directions my notes were a bit on the lacking side. Still, a beautiful home with equally exciting entertainment? Things are certainly growing interesting, aren't they?

Eliza Dalca
Royal Harpy

[Any mistakes are of course from the Player and not the Character. Thanks.]
Eliza Dalca

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