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Prisci Harpy Report August 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report August 2015

Post by ScorpioKitty on Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:49 pm

My fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge,

This month Court was held at Alder Elena Corsetti’s gorgeous private estate. What a beautiful home and what a delightful evening! Our Prince had a full night of Vices and Virtues planned for us all, but first there were some very important oaths to accept.

Mr. Q has finally decided to abandon his Unaligned status and has joined the Invictus! With an oath of blood and a promise of strength, he is now Sir Quintin Lockewood. It was quite impressive that Sir Q was immediately knighted – that is unusual among the Invictus, is it not? Congratulations, Sir!

Abigail Kenzington has also taken an oath of blood and has become a full Lady of the First Estate. Congratulations to you as well, Lady Kenzington! For those of you unaware, she is also the new Daeva Priscus. For your rise in position, I will see that you are now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge.

A game of Vices and coins took place! The only rules? No final death and no claws! There were amusing competitions that took place, from an arm wrestling match between my beloved Robin and Mr. Bruce to a final battle of seemingly everyone versus Sir Lockewood! Rumors ran rampant! Thieves were seemingly everywhere! Who was telling the truth and who was lying? It was an entirely vampiric evening.

There was a costume contest as well, a portrayal of Vices and Virtues. Mr. Jack was dressed marvelously! He was the perfect vision of Greed as Midas, adorned in flowing robes. Did he manage to turn anyone into gold? Yours truly was dressed all in white, an angelic picturesque interpretation of Hope. White is so quickly stained and tattered, fading just as quickly as Hope often does. And did everyone have a chance to admire Q’s dashing attire? He was dressed splendidly! Do you think we will ever get the chance to see him in such finery again? I do hope so. My darling Robin was dressed as a rather colorful Faith, much to the surprise of…well, absolutely nobody! I believe Mr. Bradford and Miss Dalca were both adorned in the costume of Pride, which seemed quite fitting for the Ventrue. Am I forgetting anyone or did I get any of the interpretations wrong? Forgive me if I did! Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to interview everyone on their attire for the evening. Perhaps our lovely Royal Harpy will fill in any blanks.

We had some surprise visitors as well. Mr. Nickolas Parker made a sudden and unexpected reappearance. This leaves many questions to be answered, but a meeting between him and the Court took place during the later hours of the evening. Mr. Parker remains among us, so what does this mean? Has he been forgiven or was he never guilty in the first place? My dear friend Xil also made an appearance to Court, dressed only slightly better than Mr. Parker. I was quite surprised to see her, but I’m absolutely delighted by her arrival into Dark Ridge.

Of course the evening could not (apparently) be complete without bloodshed. During the final struggle between Sir Lockewood and seemingly everyone else, Mr. Bradford’s prized ghoul was killed. This ended the game of Vices for the evening and those with the most coins were named the winners: Mr. Richard Bradford, Sir Quintin Lockewood, and Mr. Jack. And the next challenge? For those three to use their Virtues to do something good for the great city of Dark Ridge.

Mr. Bradford decided to open a soup kitchen that would not only feed the homeless and offer them a place to rest, but offer a paid job for those willing to volunteer. Sir Lockewood was mysteriously absent – does anyone know what he will be offering? I am quite curious! Mr. Jack has decided that his many companies will offer a job fair with access to computers for applying for positions. Very generous! Mr. Bradford was declared the winner for the evening. Félicitations! You are certainly continuing to prove yourself worthy of your current Respected position.

Now, a couple of quick updates!

Join me in welcoming my dear friend Xilastae, who has been Acknowledged by the Prince and placed under my protection. She is a shy young Nosferatu who is currently Unaligned, so please show her every kindness or you shall surely see the wrath of angered Harpy! I jest, my friends, I jest! Please also join me in welcoming Mr. Pierce Hightower, a Ventrue of the Lancea Sanctum, who has also been Acknowledged by the Prince. We also have a new Nosferatu lurking about – Miss Mitari Piran, who is currently Unaligned, has been Acknowledged as well.

The Prince has seen fit to lower Mr. Thomas Whitlock’s status to Acknowledged and he has been stripped of his position as Sheriff due to his extended absence at Court. Mr. Jacob Andrews has also been lowered to Valued by the Prince due to his absence in Court. You must show up in Court, my dears, if you expect to keep your honored positions!

Mr. Richard Bradford is no longer among the Invictus and thus he shall no longer assume the title of “Lord.” The Royal Harpy, Miss Eliza Dalca, has appointed Miss Robin Hubble as her Royal Talon. Congratulations, my Little Bird! Mr. William Foresyth is donating to a monastery, so if you find yourself feeling generous, I am certain he would appreciate any and all help. Miss Scarlet has offered hospitality at her club the Night’s Embrace, so be sure you go pay her a visit! (And avoid that “other” place - Club Vixxen, was it?)

Finally, the Prince has offered a major favor for the ashes of Elliot Gray to be returned to her. Be careful in this endeavor, dear Dark Ridge, and good luck. Let us help the Prince find her peace.

Allow me to gently remind you all that a casual mention of a status in any conversation (including those that take place in public areas) does not necessarily mean such a bump automatically takes place. Such things are usually done via more official means, like through an announcement by the Prince in Court or in a Harpy Report.

Another reminder, for those of you who have conveniently forgotten: when a boon is offered and accepted for an offense, the matter is considered forgotten. For anyone to bring up the offense at a later date is considered greatly inappropriate. Mr. Parker, you admitted to knowing this and yet you still brought it up during a public discussion. For this, I see you no longer Recognized and instead only Acknowledged. It would surely behoove you to learn when to keep silent.

One more note before I say goodnight:  even our lovely Prince is not beyond the laws of this city. It went unspoken that at the last gathering that Alder Corsetti broke Elysium in order to prevent Miss Charleston from fleeing. Let it be known that she has offered Prestation to Mr. Bradford for the slight, as is appropriate and expected. Let our Prince be a shining example for what is proper among the Kindred of Dark Ridge.

Forgive me, dear Dark Ridge, as I am certain this report has not been as entertaining as you may have expected. Perhaps our Royal Harpy will have a more scathing review of the night’s events.

As always,
Goodnight Dark Ridge!

((Any spelling or grammatical errors are due to the player and not the character. If you have a correction, please PM me.))

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