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Current Status List

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Current Status List

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:43 pm

((OOC note: This list is current and updated as of 8/13/2015. If changes need to me made, please message one of the Harpies or send an email to

Admired (Status 5)
None at this time.

Respected (Status 4)
● Earl Elena Corsetti, Elder, Daeva, Invictus - Prince
● Richard Bradford, Ventrue, Unaligned - Master of Elysium / Ventrue Priscus

Valued (Status 3)
● Jack, Nosferatu, Carthian Movement, Seneschal / Nosferatu Priscus
● Jacob Andrews, Daeva, Unaligned - Herald

Recognized (Status 2)
● Eliza Dalca, Ventrue, Ordo Dracul - Royal Harpy
● Sir Quintin "Q" Lockewood, Mekhet, Invictus - Archon (Hound) / Mekhet Priscus
● Robin Hubble, Gangrel, Circle of the Crone - Royal Talon / Gangrel Priscus
● Katlina Voland, Gangrel, Circle of the Crone - Prisci Harpy
● Vance Taylor, Gangrel, Ordo Dracul
● Nicholas Parker, Daeva, Circle of the Crone
● Mother Confessor Lillian Blackmoore, Elder, Daeva, Lancea Sanctum

Acknowledged (Status 1)
● Father Jonathan Strange, Elder, Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum
● Lady Abigail Kenzington, Daeva, Invictus - Daeva Priscus
● Thomas Whitlock, Daeva, Ordo Dracul
● Suzette Reynolds, Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum
● Joselyn, Daeva, Unaligned
● Rabies, Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul
● Pierce Hightower, Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum
● Xilastae, Nosferatu, Unaligned
● William Foresyth, Mekhet, Ordo Dracul
● Bruce DeBeers Fontaine, Daeva, Unaligned
● Scarlet Hilton, Daeva, Unaligned
● Mitari Piran, Nosferatu, Unaligned

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