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Legends abound of vampires who are able to withstand even the most brutal punishment to their unliving forms. While all Kindred possess a certain degree of the toughness of which these tales speak, those with the Discipline of Resilience are commensurately more stalwart. Vampires with several dots of Resilience are capable of walking through a hail of bullets, shrugging off even the most punishing blows, and even resisting the deadly claws and fangs of supernatural foes.

Cost: 1 Vitae per scene for "downgrading" benefit; additional Health levels are permanent once purchased. (see below)
Dice Pool: Resilience is not actively rolled. Rather, it provides an automatic augmentation of physical potential that is always active. Additionally, a secondary benefit can be activated that lasts for the scene.

Each dot of Resilience permanently increases the character’s Stamina by one, which also increases the character's total Health levels.

Additionally, once invoked for 1 Vitae, Resilience "downgrades" a number of Aggravated damage per scene equal to the user's Resilience dots. This damage becomes Lethal instead. Aggravated damage suffered in excess of the character's Resilience, however, remains Aggravated. This does not apply to any wounds already suffered, only to wounds taken after Resilience is activated for the scene. Resilience may not be invoked more than once per scene. That is, you may not spend a second Vitae and double the benefits of the power.

Example: Prince Maxwell, who has Stamina 4 and Resilience 4, has 13 Health levels (Size 5 + Stamina 4 + Resilience 4). Suspecting an ambush, he activates his Resilience before stepping out of his car. He is then engaged in combat with a witch-hunter, who clubs him with a flaming torch. The torch inflicts five points of aggravated damage — but Maxwell’s Resilience of 4 downgrades that to four points of lethal damage, with one point of aggravated damage remaining.

Note that if a character suffers damage that upgrades her Health chart, Resilience does not downgrade it. For example, if a character with seven Health dots and a single dot of Resilience suffers nine points of lethal damage, that ninth point stays aggravated. The other eight points are recorded normally as lethal (seven for the Health dots plus one for the Resilience), but the ninth stays aggravated as it upgrades the leftmost box on the character’s Health chart.

Action: Reflexive

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Resilience :: Comments


Post on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:00 pm by scott.brown

It was noted to me at the game that Resilience and Vigor were activated as a Reflexive action, but it is listed as "Instant" above. Which is correct?

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Post on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:29 pm by Admin

You are correct. This action is Reflexive. The description above has been fixed.

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