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A Mysterious Anonymous Harpy's Words

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A Mysterious Anonymous Harpy's Words

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:33 pm

***ST Note: This message is delivered in the same manner as the official harpy reports. The sender of the report is anonymous.***

Hello fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge. I hope you meet the night in wonderful spirits. It would seem that several of the agendas that have been on almost all kindred minds has been resolved.

I would like to say congrats on the brave and bold rescue of Mrs. Victoria Charleston. However, according to your Royal Harpy, Mr. Andrews managed this all on his on. Thank goodness you Prisci Harpy is well informed, but even she left out our newest kindred to Dark Ridge, Miss Joselyn. I would personally like to offer a little shout out to the crew that rescued the former harpy. This salute goes out to Lord Bradford, who lead the expedition. Then of course, Rabies, Will Forsythe, Robin Hubble, Miss Joselyn, Father Strange and then Jacob Andrews.

Now then on to Mr. Darcy. It would seem many suspected the poor little ghoul of devious plotting. Did any of you notice anything devious from the little old man? It seemed more like his boss lady woke up and he was trying to reconnect. Once again Prince, your Royal harpy hands over the responsibility of fetching Mr. Darcy to Jacob Andrews. Again your Prisci Harpy was more informed, granted she was present, along with Mr. Jack, and Robin Hubble.

So, I propose these questions. Did Andrew's really do anything other than tag along to save Victoria Charleston? I would love to know. As far as I know, Mr. Darcy did not put up a fight. That was nothing more then escorting him to Mrs. Charleston. How does any of this justify him sharing the status of respected with our Prince?

Lets take a look at what justifies a bump up in status shall we my little harpies?

Status Deeds
••••• Significantly expanding the city’s overall power, resources or reputation; assuming a position of leadership in the city
•••• Expanding the city’s overall power, resources or reputation in a minor way; removing a significant obstacle or threat to local Kindred
••• Devising and implementing plans that further the goals of city elders; carrying out specific plans beyond the norm on behalf of city elders
•• Actively promoting loyalty to the city’s elders; obeying the edicts of all city elders (Eliza Dalca, you are guilty of not doing this one!)
• Defending the city against outside threats; regularly attending local Kindred functions (without being disruptive)

So, I do not see where Jacob Andrews truly deserves his bump in status other that he is in good with the harpies. What has Jacob Andrews done that outweighs what others have done for this city? For example, the court has taken advantage of Robin Hubble's abilities on more than one occasion and she has received nothing in return. Think about it. It was her who informed them of what happened to Georgetta Redding. It was her who informed them that Elliot Grey and Victoria Charleston were still within the city and in torpor. The poor little dear has done everything asked of her has she receive payment? No. Lord Bradford is another in this city who has flown under the radar. Even after helping each and every Prince that has set on the throne. Why is it this gentleman is just now getting a bump he has deserved for such a long time?

Lets move on shall we?

I would like to bring up the terrible actions that have been acted upon us in recent times. The Kindred of this city have constantly found ourselves bombarded by Strix, rumors of brood, and now hunters.

Lets take a look at the hunters situation shall we? The Prince of our city has been attacked! In her own home! How dare this group feel comfortable enough to strike at ones door step. It was said this group of individuals that attacked were hunters, but did anyone check the bodies to see if they were more? Oh wait! I believe a small fire turned your bellies yellow and you ducked out before thinking about it. At least, I can offer an applause to your Royal Harpy for one action, she did seem to walk away with one of their heads as a souvenir.

This issue with the hunters brings up the question; how did they find the mansion and know just when to attack? Prince it seems you have a traitor in your court and I am not pointing at the Nos. Maybe you should look closer to home, is their a family member of yours known for their gift of gab?

Speaking of the Prince's court, lets turn a glaring eye at who she has put into place. Starting with the Herald.

Mr. Jacob Andrews is currently a unaligned member of kindred society, and we are expected to trust that he speaks with the voice of the Prince? I find this to be asking a lot of kindred. Mr. Andrews was placed into the position of Herald, not due to any great achievements, but because of attachment to his Family cabal. Yes, Prince it is not lost on many of us, that you have placed your remaining family in powerful positions, despite their lack of clout. Dark Ridge, I admit, I am a little disappointed in the fact that you, yes, you Dark Ridge, are so willing to follow along with the placing of unaligned into positions of power over YOU. Are you now sheep? Do you simply sway in unison with whoever strikes out in a direction first?, I do not accept that you are sheep. You must simply be uneducated in the ways of society. That is okay, because that is why I am here. I will bring you the information that truly needs to be seen. I will call out the wrongs and machination that you are allowing.

Oh dear, speaking of unaligned, I almost forgot to mention the new Archon, whom I believe likes to be addressed as Q. This unaligned Mekhet has been placed in the position of Archon, AKA the hound. That is a terribly powerful position for someone who has no ties. Why Dark Ridge, have you let this go as well? Do not stand there and take the disrespect of having to trust those who have LEFT covenants (Jacob Andrews) or who refuse to align with one (Quintin AKA Q).

I so hope my honest words aren't offending your vulnerable sensitivities, but they needed to be said. Lets continue shall we?

Perhaps some of you do not know exactly what it going on behind closed doors, but I definitely do. It would seem The Royal Harpy has disrespected a recognized Elder of our City. Eliza Dalca, a neonate, disrespected one of our Elders not only in private but publicly as well. Both faults were before her appointment to the position of Harpy. She went and apologized to The Mother Confessor and when Elder Blackmore, politely mind you, explained to her the tradition of Prestation for disrespecting an Elder, she again disrespected her by turning the tables on her with rude words about trying to extort a boon from an apology. Well you stupid child, you tried to walk all over an Elder. This is not acceptable and Prestation is owed. Do you feel that Elena Corsetti can protect you? She may be and Elder darling, but she will protect herself first.

In June Jack shared a few minor laws passed down from the Prince. Once of them being Deference, which states, Proper respect will be shown to a kindred of great age and high station. Ding Ding Ding, Eliza Dalca you are guilty again of this crime! Another is Domain, which states, The territories of other Kindred are to be respected at all times. Each Kindred is the Lord of his house, and the Prince is the Lord of all houses. The city itself is the Prince’s domain and those that dwell within it do so at her consent. Her word is law. Miss Eliza, you are not the Prince. Why should Elder Blackmore explain to you, why she has MORTAL Templars securing her domain?

If the neonates of this city think that they will be allowed to continue this little habit, take this into consideration. Elders did not get where they are by standing back and taking shit from the lower echelon.

I do not plan to leave the Prisci Harpy unscathed from this little report.

She seems to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Prince. She has turned her back on those she is suppose to be up holding. That would be the Pricsi council by the way. How shameful of you. You seem to have acquired your target in Jack, but have you stopped to consider that you are playing a pawn? In fact, do me a favor. Step back and think about what exactly is being whispered in your ear and who exactly is doing the whispering. Are your feelings towards Mr. Jack really justified? Why are you trying to make Mr. Jack look guilty for handing over the Royal Harpy's book? If he had wanted he could have shredded it. Instead he made the right move and turned it over to you. That does not sound suspicious to me. Are you targeting him to hide your own back room dealings? Royal Harpy you also have some explaining to do. How come Katlina gets raised in status for doing the same as Mr. Jack? His only reward was a fight, which I am fairly sure he did not start.

I think this draws a conclusion to my report. Dark Ridge, I leave you with this. Remember, I love you. I do not express these sentiments out of anger or hate, but only to open your eyes to what is playing out before you.

Love Ya, Smooches!

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