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In response to the Harpies.

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In response to the Harpies.

Post by Sarah Wade on Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:05 pm

Kindred of Dark Ridge.

I find it rather odd that both of our Harpies have taken it upon themselves to make personal issues a matter of city business. Private Phone calls are now public information? The business of the Lancea Sanctum within our own territory is now somehow veiwed as 'Interesting' and we're called upon to explain ourselves for it? Who here does not have security within their domain?

If Ms. Dalca had approached me in private I would certainly have explained the presence of our security to her in a manner that would not waste the precious time of the entirety of the court. It is no secret that our Templars have been peacefully patrolling the Lancea Sanctum territory for many months now, and the fact that it is just now coming to your attention via an old news story should indicate to you that it is not your concern. If anyone would like to discuss the presence of our security, you are welcome to join me at St. Catherine's anytime for a private discourse on the matter.

What has possessed our harpies to feel that these petty personal grievances are a matter worthy of the entire city's attention? Who will hold them accountable for their questionable actions?

Lillian M. Blackmoore
Mother Confessor of the Lancea Sanctum
Elder of Clan Daeva


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OOC: Sarah

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The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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