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The Royal Harpy Report July 2015

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The Royal Harpy Report July 2015

Post by Eliza Dalca on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:29 pm

Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen of Dark Ridge

I am sure I have no need to introduce myself, outside of being your new Royal Harpy of course, so we will skip the unnecessary introductions and get into the report.

For starters the Prince of Dark Ridge, Alder Corsetti has appointed three new court positions. There are as follows:

Myself, Eliza Dalca, as Royal Harpy
Mr. Jacob Andrews as the Herald
Mr. Quinton Lockewood as the Archon

There have also been a few new faces within our city, and I suggest a welcoming, while we may have turmoil it doesn't mean we shouldn't be accommodating to those within our city lines.

First we have a new Nostferatu of the Ordo Dracul, Rabies; please be kind as she does not speak English very well, though she certainly has such a sweet and adorable personality that shines through every language!

Second is a Shadow of Ordo Dracul, William Foresyth; if you need aide translating with Rabies, this man will help you. ( I wouldn't trust Google Translate with the task, it's been known to botch my native tongue, I can only imagine what it does with hers! )

And last but certainly not least, yet another Daeva! Joseline certainly made an entrance worthy of both amusement and entertainment. Don't consider it a bad thing m'dear, mirth is such a scarce thing to come by recently, I was glad to have a laugh before.. well, yes, that's for later.

All of the above have been acknowledged by Alder Corsetti, but it doesn't stop there for our Prince.

Mr. Quinton Lockewood, our Unaligned Mehket has been Recognized for his bravery of protecting our Prince when we were suddenly attacked by Soldiers.

Now that we have that together, we can move on.

Not everything within this report was bound to be good news, as most assumed I am sure. Our missing Elliot Grey has been killed, investigation is of course being made by more than myself and any help will be greatly appreciated. If we can bring the killer to justice then perhaps he can find peace where ever he ended up. As far as Miss Charleston is concerned, she has been found and safely returned, after an interrogation it was decided by our Prince to return her to torpor.

But of course we must thank those who managed to make all of that possible in the
first place!

For not only managing to find Miss Charleston, but also the elusive Mr. Darcy, along with aiding this city so well, I am raising Mr. Jacob Andrews from Valued to Respected. [ OOC: City Status 4 ]

Also, for managing to not only keep herself together but this city that is in such dire need of a strong leader; I am raising Alder Elena Corsetti from Valued to Respected. [ OOC: City Status 4 ]

Miss Katlina Voland shall be raised to Recognized [OOC: City Status 2 ] for not only helping the city, but also returning the missing Harpy Book to the people it respectively belonged to, thank you Miss Kat, your duties have not gone unnoticed m'dear.

Now then!

It seems we have quiet a few things to look into along with the murderer of our previous Prince, so for those looking for something to do you can certainly find something of worth from the list I am about to give below. Any who desire to look into such things or have qualifications to do so should let our Sheriff and the Prince know; while we appreciate help we also don't desire to find out that our citizens have been putting themselves in danger without any prior clarification.

First and foremost, why are we still suffering from the sharks within our own bay? This has been occurring since March! We need to get a hold on this and make sure that this is handled correctly.

We also seem to be having a bear problem still, as I haven't heard anything about the capture of the black bear who managed to 'evade' the mortals somehow. While nothing has popped up recently, it's still an issue that should be addressed. Recall 'Honey the Black Bear' anyone?

Also, while it was certainly recent in the mortal news, there seems to be some unknown object floating above our precious city that is causing quite a large amount of distress. I don't know about you all, but I don't care for the taste of stress in my meals. Let's go ahead and get a handle on this as well, darlings.

And finally- at least thus far, we had an injury of one of the mortals that got attacked by a 'bear', from the report it seems that the bites were more along the lines of wolves. This worries me, something as large as a bear but leaves the mark of a canine? If it's 'Honey' then this definitely circles around- but that doesn't stop me from believing something else entirely. I hope you all are now thinking along the same lines as myself now, so let's go ahead and investigate this as well. I strongly suggest that no one does this alone, while I desperately hope not to be right on this one, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Oh yes, while I know we are all exhausted with hearing about the 'Old Ghosts', they are still a problem within this city that needs to be addressed. I will personally allow this to be known- I have managed to hurt one with a mundane metal pipe. It is possible to make them bleed, and if they can bleed they can die. It is perhaps a long shot but something worth considering, when fighting these things make sure to use something strong and sturdy, I doubt they can be harmed with any of our normal go-to's. Use EXTREME caution, do not interact with them, if at all possible, just run. They are childish- and anyone who knows children knows that a child is a mischievous, imaginative mind that can hurt anyone when they have the power to do so.

Before I wrap this rather large report up, I'd also like to mention something that I have found within the same mortal news report that I find interesting.
Templars in front of St. Catherines? What's going on Lacaea? I can understand caution with what's going on in the city but you are worrying some of us. You might want to go ahead and inform us of some of what's going on~ I of course don't expect you to spill your secrets, I certainly wouldn't, but if you're going to recruit soldiers of your own you should at least inform others of a vague reasoning why!
For now, I will leave this report to go ahead and close. We have plenty to do and more than enough time to play about, keep up the wonderful work everyone.

May You Have Many More Fair Nights,
Eliza Dalca

[ All mistakes are on part of the Player and not the Character, obviously. ]

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