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Prisci Harpy Report July 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report July 2015

Post by ScorpioKitty on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:59 pm

My Fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge,

I will make this Report shorter than the last, now that I have a fellow Harpy to assist in filling in the blanks. The night went from being reasonably peaceful to horribly tragic in the span of only a few seconds. By now we are all surely aware of Eliot Gray's death and Mr. Parker's horrible actions. His sins will not be forgiven; let us all do everything in our power to find him and bring him to a violent and deserving justice.

Despite this terrible blow to the city, our Prince acted with great dignity and strength. Two investigative teams went out in search of Miss Victoria Charleston and succeeded in bringing her back to Court. I would like to point out the bravery of a particular three during this mission: Father Strange, Mr. Foresyth, and Robin, who together held up the heavy metal door that would have otherwise left us trapped. Without them, the rest of the rescue party would have not made it back. Well done and thank you!

Mr. Andrews was extremely determined during the retrieval and upon receiving an unusual message from the ghoul Mr. Darcy, he was quick to employ Robin and me to assist in tracking him down. It was about this time that Mr. Jack, according to multiple sources, received a phone call which he took privately. Shortly afterward he volunteered to go along uninvited with Mr. Andrews’ retrieval team, and thus was conveniently absent during the attack upon Elysium. Upon further investigation, this Harpy found that many felt his strange and sudden disappearance to be rather suspicious. Though perhaps he was merely struck with a sudden desire to assist (whereas he hadn’t done much else during the course of the evening) and thus was only very very lucky to have avoided the attack.

Upon hearing of the attack, Mr. Andrews was quick to ask that I return to the Invictus Haven whilst he and Robin continued their search for Mr. Darcy. Of course I agreed, although it would have been impossible to make it back in time to do anything to truly help. It should be noted that Jack was eager to return as well. Odd, since he seemed so intent to leave in the first place.

By now, many of you may have heard of the duel between myself and Mr. Jack. It seemed he was most unhappy with my previous report! And yet when I inquired as to his business that evening, hoping to find that he had been helpful and accommodating, he simply claimed he was doing “Senescal business” and did not care to elaborate. On top of this, it turns out that Mr. Jack had a certain Harpy Boon Book in his possession, which he had gotten from searching Miss Charleston’s home. Why he held onto this book rather than giving it straight away to the Prince is beyond me and seems rather unusual. Do not fret, my fellow Kindred. I have entrusted the book into the care of the new Royal Harpy and Her Grace, which only seemed proper.

Mr. Jack was grievously injured during our mutually agreed-upon duel, but I was summoned by Mr. Andrews to rejoin the rest of you. I was pleased to learn that everyone was safe, though it saddens me to know that the Invictus Haven suffered great damage. Judging by what I saw of the aftermath, I would say a great many of you fought very well! Was that a severed head I saw Miss Dalca carrying around? Very impressive! I only wish I could have been there to help.

Well enough of that! Let us move on and fondly greet the newest Acknowledged in this fine city of Dark Ridge. Please welcome Miss Joselin, a beautiful Daeva who hails from New Orleans and is currently without Covenant. Let us also greet Mr. William Foresyth, a law-abiding Mekhet who arrived only recently from China with his companion Rabies, a delightful Nosferatu with an affinity for adorable red bows. They are both in the Ordo Dracul. I bid all three of you welcome!

Let me also congratulate a few individuals for their recent changes in status! First, I would publically welcome the new Royal Harpy, Miss Eliza Dalca. May your Reports be equal parts delightful and scathing! Congratulations are in order for Quintin as well, who now finds himself rightfully Recognized and in the honored position of Archon. Mr. Jacob Andrews is now Herald for our Prince and I am certain he will do a fabulous job! It would seem the Court positions are steadily being filled by those deserving.

Now then, for my own little changes!

First, I would like to Recognize my dearest Robin Hubble. Between her valiant claim of Gangrel Priscus in June and her investigative enthusiasm at the last meeting, I believe she deserves to rise from merely Acknowledged. She was present at both the discovery of Miss Charleston and the search for Mr. Darcy, and showed herself to be both capable and willing to assist in any way possible.

Unfortunately I must also see Sheriff Thomas Whitlock returned to being Recognized in Dark Ridge. His absence these last two months has not gone unnoticed: when Dark Ridge needed him, he left her wanting. Hopefully he will return for the next Gathering and will see his Status rise again.

That leaves only one exchange. Dear Mr. Jack…you are becoming quite the disappointment to Dark Ridge. For all your claims of everything you did in the past, it seems you are doing very little to help with the future. It is a new night: we have a new Prince, a new Herald, a new Archon, new Harpies…and a whole new array of problems. Instead of explaining to a curious Harpy what you have been doing to assist the city, you refused to answer. All this does is reflect poorly on you. I would expect more cooperation from a Valued Seneschal. Perhaps instead of seething over an insult, you should do more to ease the chaotic tides of the city. Unless, of course, you personally benefit from the disorder!

But let’s not end on a bitter note. I would like to draw attention to a particular individual who I feel has done a great deal for Dark Ridge in the last few months. Mr. Bradford has proven himself a Respected member of this great city. He has been more than willing to go on investigations and has put himself into harm’s way time and time again. Your hard work and dedication has gone a long way to solve some of the city’s greatest problems. Continue along this path, Mr. Bradford! We greatly appreciate all your efforts.

Oh my! It seems I may have exaggerated. This Report isn’t nearly as short as I said it would be. Ah well!

Until next time,


~Katlina Voland, Prisci Harpy

((Any spelling or grammatical errors are due to the player and not the character. If you have a correction, please PM me.))

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