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Dark Ridge Reporter July Edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter July Edition

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:25 pm

Mysterious Object appears in Dark Ridge Skies

A cube shaped object has appeared in the sky of Dark Ridge, some believe, an inter-dimensional portal opened allowing the mysterious object to appear.

A new video has been posted online where a cube-shaped object appears to come out of the clouds in North Carolina, USA. People have already jumped to conclusions that this object arrived from some sort of other-dimensional portal, from another world.

The first to report this mysterious cube in the sky was Walter C. Lance of Dark Ridge, NC who submitted the images of the cube he took during his launch break.

According to Mr Lance, who posted a shaky video on YouTube, you can see a black cube shaped object hovering in the sky.

What this cube shaped object might have been is unclear, but according to reports, several people managed to see the mysterious object in the skies around 1:00 pm.

While some people believe this mysterious object might be some sort of UFO, and that it is nothing new, others firmly believe that this cube shaped object is somehow connected to another dimension. Witnesses believe that just before the cube shaped object appeared in the sky, some sort of portal opened that allowed the mysterious cube to appear.

Ufologist believe that this cube shaped object definitely belongs to another dimension saying that similar objects have been registered in the vicinity of the Sun. They point out that huge cube shaped objects have been seen entering and exiting our Sun, and that these objects somehow are able to travel to other dimensions.

It is unclear what the object might be, but it surely is one of those unexplained UFO sightings that have been piling up in the last couple of months all over our planet and even in the vicinity of the International Space Station.

What do you think this object might be? Is it some sort of UFO probe? inter-dimensional portal? Or as some believe, just another one of those fake images posted on the internet?

Whatever the case, it has certainly fueled debate among researchers, ufologists and the online community who are trying to figure out: just what was the object that appeared in the sky of Dark Ridge and has left everyone baffled?

Ghost Hunter rescued from Corsetti Mountains, injured but alive

Three North Carolina men who trekked into the forest to look for ghosts got more than they bargained for, according to a Dark Ridge Sheriff's release.

Samuel Clancy Hill, 39, called 911 late Monday night and told the dispatcher he was lost in the woods and being chased by a bear. Authorities found Hill using the GPS coordinates on his phone. When they rescued him, his clothing was torn and he suffered several animal bites.  

Deputies say Hill claimed he and two friends went out looking for "paranormal activity" because of stories that the woods were haunted, but he got separated from them and lost. He said he was chased by the Sasquatch and fell down a ravine trying to get away from him. Authorities believe that he may have been attacked by a pack of wild dogs, or wolves. Hill's two friends are still unaccounted for.

Authorities urge citizens not to travel out into the Corsetti Mountains alone until the animals responsible for this attack have been captured.


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