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Prisci Harpy Report June 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report June 2015

Post by ScorpioKitty on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:19 pm

My fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge,

What an exciting evening!

The night started out with the Summer Solstice ritual hosted by the members of Circle of the Crone. The atmosphere was a delightful change from last month – really, who enjoys florescent lighting? The altar was beautifully made and the service, led by Hierophant Nicholas Parker, was respectful and worthy of the Crone.

Lord Bradford was perhaps concerned about the sacrifices the Circle are known for and thus a spell was in place in the Elysium designed to prevent violence of any kind. He had no reason to fret: the Circle had already performed the necessary sacrifices beforehand. He generously offered the gathering access to his herd, which I am certain was much appreciated. I certain enjoyed partaking!

With Eliot Grey still missing and his whereabouts currently unknown, the position of the Prince lay open for the taking. Jack eagerly attempted to make a grab for this prestigious title, but he found himself opposed by two others. Did he believe we would simply allow him to seize the role so easily? My dear Jacob Andrews and the esteemed Lady Elena Corsetti rose to challenge him. This I am most grateful for! Although his courage is perhaps to be admired, his failed grab for power was pitiful. Perhaps his disgrace wouldn’t have been so terrible if he hadn’t so eagerly rolled over and exposed his belly in an attempt to maintain his current position among Court. Did he believe we would want a leader who is so easily intimidated? He did not display the strength and fortitude expected of a Respected member of the City and thus now he finds himself Valued.

And so the Lady Corsetti has become our new Prince. What an absolute delight! I believe she will make an excellent leader and she has already shown great aptitude for the position. She has proven herself capable of solving difficult dilemmas fairly and promptly. Indeed, she is a Valued member of Court, wouldn’t you agree?

Meanwhile, Clan Gangrel was also having a vie for power. My beloved Robin challenged Vance Taylor for Priscus and, like any proper Gangrel, he did not concede without a fight. And what a fight it was! Have you ever seen two Gangrel truly battle? It was an incredible thing to behold. In the end, Vance relented his position as Priscus. Robin (being the adorably stubborn creature she is) fought well and suffered grave injuries, but she is recovering well.

My, oh my, the night was still young! While I was discussing matters of the Crone with Mr. Parker, I found myself suddenly assaulted by Mr. Quinton! At the time I had no idea why, but that hardly mattered. I am Gangrel and I reacted instinctively in self-defense. Such chaos ensued as I shifted into a leopard form and made an attempt to strike in return. I can only be grateful that no harm came to Mr. Quintin. Lord Bradford had one of his ghouls shoot me into torpor before any injury could be inflicted, but Prince Corsetti was able to revive me and all grievances have since been forgiven.

However, certain changes were made as a result: as decided by our new Prince, ghouls will no longer be allowed to be Keepers. I am inclined to agree wholeheartedly with this decision. Ghouls have their place, but they should never be in a position above Kindred.

As it turns out, Quintin was under the control of the Mage Alastair Crow, who was disgruntled that Kindred had ventured into “his” territory. This Mage currently speaks through Lord Bradford, and our wise new Prince negotiated with him for the items Quintin sought, once again showing her aptitude for her new position. Jack, Quintin, and Eliza Dalca investigated the haven of Victoria Charleston, who is still mysteriously missing, and found claw marks; it would appear that she did not disappear willingly. Eliot Grey’s haven, however, was pristine and nothing appeared out of place. Their absences continue to become more and more mysterious. We will, of course, continue our diligent search for these missing Kindred. However, due to Miss Charleston’s extended absence, she is no longer Valued in the eyes of the Court, though she remains Recognized.

The night was coming to a close at last. A few matters were needing to be settled: Mr. Parker led a small group to the bay to investigate the abundance of sharks. The outcome of this adventure has yet to be discovered. Last I heard, Mr. Parker was literally swimming with the fishes as a fish himself…How very peculiar!

We have a few new members at Court! Miss Suzette Reynolds, our newest Nosferatu, and yours truly were both Acknowledged by our Prince. Apparently someone unknown Embraced Yvonne Harris and then promptly abandoned her, leaving the poor dear without any idea of what to do. Luckily Miss Abigail Kenzington was kind enough to take the little fledgling under her wing.
It would appear that two of our Valued members have done very little for Dark Ridge lately. Unfortunately Miss Eliza Dalca and Mother Confessor Lillian Blackmoore both must return to being Recognized in the eyes of the Court. Perhaps given time and opportunity, they will find themselves Valued once more – though lurking in the shadows and refusing to take sides in conflict is no way to gain (or keep) City Status.

It would appear that we have many enemies, known and unknown, in Dark Ridge: the troublesome Brood, those tiresome Strix, a disgruntled Mage, a multitude of sharks…so many threats, some more vicious than others. As always, remain vigilant. Oh, but some good news! For any of you who missed the proposal, Robin Hubble and I are engaged to be married! We hope to have all of you attend the ceremony; dates and invitations are currently pending.

I look forward to seeing all of you again next month.

Yours truly,
Katlina Voland
Prisci Harpy
Acknowledged Gangrel of the Circle of the Crone

P.S. Since I am still relatively new to Dark Ridge, I have taken it upon myself to make an unofficial listing of the current City Status of the Kindred. If I have listed you incorrectly or have missed anyone (since I am still uncertain as to whether or not I have been introduced to everyone in Dark Ridge), please contact me as soon as possible so that I may correct my mistake. This is more for my benefit than anything else, though I am certain many will find it helpful.


Eliot Grey (Missing)

Lady Elena Corsetti
Lord Richard Bradford
Jacob Andrews
Thomas Whitlock

Eliza Dalca
Mother Confessor Lillian Blackmoore
Vance Taylor
Nicholas Parker
Victoria Charleston (Missing)

Father Jonathan Strange
Abigail Kenzington
Lamar Billings
Quintin Lockewood
Katlina Voland
Robin Hubble <3
Suzette Reynolds

Status 0
Yvonne Harris

(Any spelling errors are the fault of the player, not of Katlina. If I have managed to mutilate your character’s name or if I have overlooked anyone, please shoot me a PM!)

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