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Know Enemy!

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Know Enemy!

Post by Ambria on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:13 am

Greetings all!

Yes, yes, very late in the Harpying! I know loves, you need not remind me.

It has been hard month.

I will bez short and to point. We begin with lesson; Kindred need to know Enemy!

Old Ghosts claim we hit first, that we strike first and wound them. As if they some lost lover that we discard and throw away!


Do you, Kindred of Dark Ridge, forget so easily? We are beings of long years, lasting memories!
Have you forgotten Zorro, our dearly departed Sheriff? Old Ghosts possess him and give impossible choice to his lover, do she let him go, or do she make him stay?

Ms. Jacobs wise though. She know not to play games when all rules are in enemies favor.
Old Ghosts kill him in front of her. We lost two good Kindred that night.

Brother Gordon, do we not remember him? He writer of history, old Kindred who almost be in city as long as I.
He know things, he see things. He write down things in books, because he see the pattern.
Well, if knowledge is power, than Old Ghosts have problem with letting him continue Requiem!
So they kill him.
He gone.

But..we strike first? We hurt them first? Have we even be able to  seriously damage one of them?
Yet they kill not one, but TWO of our Court! Respected members!
Oh but we bad guys, yes, yes.

Lies, all damn, fucking LIES. To confuse, to distract, keep  us from true purpose.
You all know true purpose. It is you who belong here, belong to city belong to night. These..things are nothing but petty shadows, jealous of us, jealous of power we hold collectively. For they know such joy, how can ghost who has no body! They must possess us to gain such things.
We are nothing but vessels to them, playthings so they can experience joy of having substance.

They are VERMIN. That they could be allies, friends, that they are poor, poor misunderstood beings is a child's tale.
Let it be known if I hear any dissent on topic, if  I hear anyone try to make friends with such things that have set themselves up to be our destroyers, well, your standing in this city will be the least of worry.
They liars, thieves of bodies, and destroyer of Spirit. They scream to me they not take Prince and his brood-mate..I not convinced.

Speak of standing, let us go to happier topic!
Kindred of note!

Nicholas Parker! Kindred of note, he handle several Brood all by hisself!
Oh yes, he has big mouth (rumor has it is a literal fact!) but he always ready to step up to defend city!
And now that Circle has got bigger he put them on same path.
Always. Even though he loud sometimes. But we work on dis, da?
He has done well, all that is good.Mostly. I see that his is face that is Recognized!

Also, there is young Lord that is quickly climbing road to success!
Miss Eliza Dalca, if you not be knowing her name you not be coming to Court!
She be member of Order and what a Dragoness she is!
She whip Old Ghosts back in tunnel, she not turn tail and flee!
No, no...she make them bleed, scream with pain! We know now we can hurtz them.
She also leader of Clan, no small thing to be considered.
I see her Value in city and that it should be known as such!

And lastly, we come to previous Harpy, one who did such good job.
At least before I came!
But I be joking. No, really!
Mister Jacob Andrews be stepping up in leadership in City. As mister Jack be acting Steward until Prince be found, Jacobs be stepping up to be voice of city. First he voice of of Prisci Council  now voice of city?
We be having high expectations indeed.
We see Value in eyes of Jacobs! May rest of City follow suit!

Have wonderful rest of Evening!

Be many safe in comings and goings!
Much Love,

Alder Elena Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge
Valued of the Daeva
Valued of the First Estate

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