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An Unsurprising Announcement

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An Unsurprising Announcement

Post by Lee Berger on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:25 pm


Simply put I'm making an announcement for the sake of official record and protocol. I don't think this will come to a surprise to any of you.

I will be taking the title and office of Priscus of the Mekhet. I've attempted to reach out to fellow Shadows in many different forms and have given ample opportunity to contest me taking this role. None have stepped forward to comment or even make their presence known. It appears, for all intents and purposes, that I am a lone Mekhet in Dark Ridge.

Please don't take this announcement as me attempting to inflate my ego and status. This announcement is simply to inform all of you that you can come to me for any matters concerning Montrose, if any other Mekhet are found within the city borders or if you require anything else that I can assist with as Priscus.

I will gladly answer any questions concerning this announcement if any of you have any.


Quintin "Q" Lockewood

Respected Archon in the City of Dark Ridge
Regent of Glendale
Acknowledged Mekhet Priscus
Acknowledged Knight of the First Estate
Lee Berger

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