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"Teamwork" with Allies Merit

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"Teamwork" with Allies Merit

"Teamwork" with Allies

You may now assist other players with their "Allies" actions. The following rules will apply to all Allies assists:
One player character is designated as the primary, and any number of other characters can be secondary. All secondary characters will add 1/2 of their Allies dots to the "pool" (rounded down, minimum 0) to increase the level of dots available for achieving difficult actions.

For example:
Bob has 3 dots in Allies [Underworld] and wants to get four local thugs to shoot a place up. Normally, this would require 4 dots of Allies [Underworld] to achieve. In order to achieve their goal, they negotiate with another PC (using boons, resources, or any other player mediated negotiation) to have their allies assist in the action. Judy has 2 dots in Allies [Underworld]. She agrees to loan Bob an additional dot of allies for the action making Bob's total dots of allies for the action 4, allowing him to achieve his goals.

All rolls will be made by the person performing the action, in our example, Bob would make all rolls. No assist rolls can be made by any other players regardless of how many dots in Allies they have contributed to the action.

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