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Our Losses in this war

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Our Losses in this war

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:59 pm

Kindred of Huntsville,
It is with great sorrow that I pen this letter to you.
Lord Pennington's Estate has met it's end. I arrived at his estate last evening to deliver his shipment of Lacrima and found it burned the ground. As to the whereabouts of Lord Pennington himself, it is uncertain. He was nowhere to be found and his servants appeared to have died in the fire that consumed the building.

It is my assumption that the Hunters found, and attacked the estate during the day while Lord Pennington slumbered. By the time he awoke to the danger of the fire around him, it was too late and he was consumed.

In addition to Lord Pennington's estate, Weaver's Curiosity shop was also destroyed, though it appears it was not the same attacker.
After finding Lord Pennington's estate in the condition it was in I went to visit my friend Weaver. When I arrived, the windows were busted out, the merchandise of his shop destroyed. There were large gouges in the walls and everything was smashed. Written in blood on the wall was a message, one which I removed as soon as I saw it, that read "You lead them to us, we lead them to you. Game on, Vampire." Weaver was nowhere to be found either.

We no longer have an Elysium in Huntsville. It would appear that the Hunters and the Forsaken have both aimed their targets at us, and we cannot abide this any longer. This war between the Forsaken and the Hunters is becoming too dangerous. They have called in so many Hunters that I can no longer rest in the day without fear that they will soon come bursting into my home. I cannot continue my business transactions without fear that the Forsaken will soon come crashing through my door to seek recompense. Two of my dear friends are missing.
I cannot risk Josephina's safety, nor my own any longer. We will be leaving Huntsville, and any who wish to accompany us are welcome to do so.

Lillian Blackmoore,
Mother Confessor, Huntsville Parish of the Lancea Sanctum
Childe of Alexandre Hayes, Prince of Huntsville,
Vintner of fine Lacrima wines.

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