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Huntsville Times March 30, 2014

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Huntsville Times March 30, 2014

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:32 pm

With the escalation in shootings and arson in the city this month, Police have asked for aid from the Federal Government.

Starting this week, the FBI will be sending in a specialized "Task Force" to aid local officers in their battle against gang violence. There will be several FBI checkpoints set up around town so be sure you are carrying a valid ID with you!

The month of March has seen more shootings and arson reports filed than the entirety of 2013. This escalation in violence began with the fire in historic 5 points last month and has continued to escalate.

"We want to take a proactive stance. We want to get out there in the community, we want to identify and target for prosecution those that are conducting this criminal activity," said Special Agent in Charge Andrew Tomlin with the new "Special Task Force" Division of the FBI. "Our main focus will be to target the sources of this escalation in violence. We know how these "gangs" operate. They are operating in your community, in your cities and within your counties. Some of them have their hands in local government. These are the monsters that are responsible for a large portion of the illegal drug distribution and violent criminal activity that is occurring here. They're violent and they're dangerous and they need our full attention."

"This is a gang war. There are new players in town and we don't know who they are yet. It's bigger than us, so we've asked the Federal Government to step in and assist." Said Chief Barnes, "Our primary responsibility is to protect the citizens of Madison County. We are working with the Task Force to contain this, arrest and convict those responsible."

Those in the community with information on violent criminals and gangs should contact the FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force Members at the Huntsville FBI.

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