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I am your Priscus Harpy

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I am your Priscus Harpy

Post by Ambria on Fri May 01, 2015 12:33 pm

Greeting all!

I am writing computer English, hard but I will do best.

I am proud to be new Priscus Harpy, Elena Corsetti, Lady Red, She-who-know-how-party-started and other such name.
Sure many of you know my person, if you doesn't, what rock you live under?

Now to Harpying!

I see no need to recount events at Gathering. You all there, you all know what happen, I no simple journalist.  
Unless you just like hearing voice and so we talk later, da?
I just point out important event, as some have missed point. But we get to that later!

Is Strix problem? Answer is: Yes! I do not believe Strix problem is solved. Old Ghosts  is cause many problem for city, and city needs unified way to deal with many Ghostie. If city just ignore, problem grow worse like the cancer. Old Ghosts not smart, they  giggle and preen like mad children.  Old ghosties run when Alder Prince Grey find out they snuck in, da?
Person behind old ghosts is smart, wants to drive you out of rightful place, take city for hisself.
City has too many committee already and must decide with one voice what to do about problem. Several kindred I speak with share interest , so many voices! You should be speaking with Sheriff, da?

Boons! So many little Kindred confused at favor-making. But it simple, I so kind I tell you in on secret.
Boon be given, not taken. No one force you to give present, da?  At least no proper Kindred. Tis is mistake of fledglings, but Alder Corsetti correct it now and save your faces.

You give Boon as present to other Kindred. Maybe you like other Kindred, maybe other Kindred save valuable ghoul puppy for you, do important job. Maybe you make mess and spill dinner over other Kindred, ruin pretty dress.  Maybe you make bad remark about Kindred’s mummy.

What you do?  Harpy Red haz answer!

You give presentation. You give favor! Make other Kindred happy, mistake forgotten, valor rewarded, puppy back safe in haven. Everybody happy.
And it must be proper presentation!  You not give your carriage driver a hundred pounds for driving you down street, da? Why than you give big Boon for small favor? Why would Kindred take major  favor for small mistake, small insult. That is insult too and I make note of it. If you can’t be trusted to be taking fair presentation, that how you cheat on other things, da?

It fair mistake. But now you know.

What you all have been expectant for: Status!

Thomas Whitlock: While some people say this kindred have rough ways, he gets job done! Results are many with this new Sheriff. And did I say he new Priscus of largest Clan now?  So many hats, just like our Zorro. Oh dear, sad subject, we touch on that later!
Old Ghosts should start running now if they be knowing what is good.
For rising to occasions and defending his city I see Value in the eyes of Sheriff Whitlock. Oh and what eyes!
May we all aspire to be brave and  pulchritudinous as he!

Jack: We all know who Jack is right?  He is voice of Prince, voice of Clan and speaks well to Covenant.
Again with the hats! Most talented Kindred most be having big head to wear all them!
He has long been valued in City.  But for someone to have sat in both positions for so long, who has served His Grace and our city, our Respect for him should grow, da?  This Harpy thinks so!
All should go talk to Mister Jack. He has what we call clockwork brain. This is why he best Kindred for job.

Finally, to something unpleasant.  Something I feel needs reminding.
We are Kindred; we are beasts with human faces, fact that is forgotten much. We steal life in order to continue our own.  At our best, we are magnificent. At our worst, we are monsters. To keep us away from Beast, to keep us from clawing out eyes and screaming out rage we instill Laws. The Traditions. We have Leaders to look to, aspire too, those that keep the line.  But even Leaders can fall prey to the Beasts call. Even our most esteemed, our more admired is subject to our own Laws.  To say otherwise it to be despot, and this not Great Invictus way!

One cannot ask, no, demand to  Kindred to leave Value member to die, and weeks later ask Kindred to walk into Brood lair, when Old Ghosts tell them of coming.  This not make sense to this Harpy, how one trap better than other? Both need to be done, is Valued member worth less then Brood occupied building?  Is Brood Tower seen as respected in City? Kindred almost die in Tower!  Previous Harpy almost turned into a comely pile of ash.  Harpy Red be very sad is this had happened.

This is not only problem.

Leaving  Valued Member in trap also be breaking First Tradition. Too many mortals in park, they see helpless Kindred, they take pictures, they make moving pictures.
Moving pictures STILL on this thing called You Tunnel, where many mortals can see. Tommy show it to me before he delete it. But who else see before it gone? We have Old Ghosts, now we have Hunters. Hunters know blurry figures in moving pictures is us. They see us now; know what city to look into.

We left her, helpless for one hour.

One hour that will cost us so much more. Better for us to have sprung trap and got out of there, then sit here and wait for bad things.City already have many problem.

And so, we see His Grace, Alder Elliot Grey as no longer admirable. As our leader we still respect him, and in coming month we hope to see him rise again.
The mantle of leadership is heavy one. His Grace is still subject to our laws but he is still Prince. He is still to be respected and should I hear otherwise I come down hard on you.

Finally, we did lose respected Kindred last Gathering. Old Ghosts toy with us, try to drive his lover insane by making impossible choice, and then killing him all the same. Poor Ms. Jacobs! We hope she find rest and come back soon.

We cannot let such passing go unnoticed. If we forget the fallen, we no better then Strix.
So, Mister Parker has graciously decided to hold wake, or mourning service for Aydin Sadik. It will be at location of his choosing.

I hope to see you all there, in which words I mean I better see you.

Be safe in comings and goings!
Much love,

Alder Elena Corsetti, Respected Earl of Dark Ridge
Valued of the Daeva
Valued of the First Estate

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