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Prisci Harpy Report March 2015

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Prisci Harpy Report March 2015

Post by Mike Tomlin on Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:13 pm

Good evening Kindred of Dark Ridge,

If you were not at last month’s gathering you sorely missed out on an opportunity to see how wonderful the Ventrue are. The Lords and Ladies gave us so much entertainment in such a relaxed atmosphere that I dare say it rivaled the Daeva! Since the establishment of Vin Est… has a statue in front of it designed by Nicholas Parker I am not surprised. Our dinner for the night was lovely, beautiful Kine that had been fed a delightful array of food and drink. They were perfect samples of how the Lords see fit to feed.
I would like to extend congratulations to Lord Bradford. He has risen, unopposed, as the Master of Elysium. You do seem to have done quite a bit in your position already naming three spots as Elysium. Well done sir, well done. I do hope you have more success than the last Master.

Our numbers last Gathering were slightly diminished, due to a few of our more illustrious members not being in attendance. Since the Sheriff was off taking care of business elsewhere, Deputy Whitlock took over as the head of investigations for the night. I applaud Mr. Whitlock for such a fine show of leadership through the night. I look forward to working with you again.

There were so many old faces there, let’s not discourage or forget about the new arrivals.

Robin Hubble, an Acolyte of the Crone, has been given Acknowledgement by His Grace.

Filutk, an unaligned Haunt that tends towards felines. Watch what you say around her though. She seems to like putting her nose into others meetings that she wasn’t invited to. She was however been granted Acknowledgement by His Grace.

One of the main concerns of the night was the squatting homeless around the New Dawn Church. Luckily for us we had plenty of volunteers to take on these harmless foes. It was decided we would split into two groups. Mr. Whitlocke, Priscus Corsetti, Lord Bradford, and I made up the group to go to the ‘Secret house’ that was entry by invite only.
Ms. Charleston, Priscus Dalca, Ms. Hubble, Ms. Filutk, and Mr. Taylor were to enter the party house. Since they were suppose to look homeless I think it was quite appropriate that Lady Red ‘adjusted’ Ms. Charleston’s outfit with a few tears and even a beer upon her head. If going undercover, one should always fit the station they desire to portray. Ms. Charleston’s counter to that was easily as amusing since I’ve never seen someone doused with beer hug their perpetrator.

After the lovely show we received from the two ‘ladies’ we split up and allowed them to investigate while my group entered the back building. To help us to gain entrance to the facility I was forced to have Lord Bradford return to the car. For some reason he seemed upset by that.
Upon investigating and questioning the people inside we found nothing of nefarious purpose being plotted. As far as Lady Red feels they are nothing but a Herd being cultivated. She plans to take care of them and I feel she’ll do a wonderful job.

It seems while the majority of the Gathering were elsewhere, learning how to be homeless, and finishing up an investigation, a few others were having fun of their own.
Mr. Billings decided to attempt a sabotage of the Cumberland’s construction equipment, only to alarm them and cause his own Requiem to almost be extinguished.
Mr. Jack, our wonderful Seneschal, worked to infiltrate the Brood as well. He was barely able to escape one of the Brood Thugs with his life, but he did bring back vital data to the Prince.
Mr. Parker, His Grace, and Mr. Jack seemed to think it was a fine idea to investigate the Dog Hunting Club we’ve seen in the newspaper these last few months. It seems that Mr. Jack’s own ghoul was instrumental in capturing the head of this club. The Club itself was a racist prick that had a bear he’d trained to help him hunt black folk. A disgusting show of ignorance on the man’s part, luckily he turned himself in from what I hear.
There was only one more significant event to mention and I feel Ms. Charleston in her beer covered glory nailed it on the head in her report. His Grace stays at gathering so that people aren’t fed to sharks. Shadowbay Lake is now infested with Sharks. Something I feel is a problem all its own.

For this month I would like to Recognize someone who has been making amazing strides within the city.

Elena Corsetti, Lady Red, I Recognize you in the City of Dark Ridge due to your consistent attendance at Court.

Have a wonderful night all

((Any spelling or grammatical errors are due to the Author and not the character. Thank you.))

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