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April Gathering

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April Gathering

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:22 am

(OOC: This announcement would have been no later than April 3rd, to allow it to be a week before gathering. I have been really stressed and busy, missed getting the chance to talk to a few ppl who needed to be talked to before this announcement could happen, so I haven't gotten to it until tonight. I apologize. But IC, this is from April 3rd, thanks!)

Fellow Kindred of Dark Ridge,

As the city's new Master of Elysium, I would like to formally announce the following Elysiums within our city.  

  • The Camarata Opera House, will officially be declared an Elysium. As many of you already know, it is located at (Blah, its not on the map, STs will inform me and I'll edit)
  • I have acquired an art gallery in the North Eastern section of the Rack (OOC: Grid Q-14) to serve as a general Elysium. This one will be the first Elysium most Kindred who are new to the city come across. As I have only just acquired it, it has not been filled with any art yet, and is not open to the public. It is a nice, large space that can be closed down for gatherings, but even during operating hours, there is a back room specifically to allow newcomers to wait as they contact the Priscus of their clan, or inform the Hound of their presence and their wish to seek acknowledgment or hospitality. Anyone who is wishing to donate to the gallery is more than welcome to, especially if the pieces are your own. Perhaps Ms. Jacobs or Mr. Parker would like to have some work featured?
  • The third Elysium will be a large warehouse located in Calumet (OOC: Grid R-29). It is not a stylish, happening place, but it is a perfect location for an Elysium in the Southern area of the city, and being bare allows it to be used for nearly anything at a moment's notice.

To introduce everyone to the new Elysiums, especially the one in the Rack, I have made plans with His Grace to hold our next gathering in this new art gallery. There is no planned entertainment this coming gathering, as it is not hosted by any Clan or Covenant. I know we will be surely capable of keeping ourselves entertained, especially when there is so much that needs to be done within this city, and having everyone together with their full attention should make the planning go very smoothly.

Thank you all, and may your nights be safe,
Lord Richard Bradford,
Master of Elysium and Valued Primogen of Dark Ridge,
Recognized of the First Estate,
Acknowledged Ventrue

P.S. I have not filled any Keeper of Elysium positions. Should you think this position would suit you well, please inform your Priscus so as to use the proper channels. I would be more than happy to speak with you within this coming week, or at the gathering.


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