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March 2015 Royal Harpy Report

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March 2015 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:46 pm

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

With the looming threats of Strix and Brood alike, the Lords and Ladies of this city have prepared something suitable for the last gathering. Right in one of the highly acclaimed restaurants of the city, “Vin Est…”, the Ventrue clan has prepared an exquisite feast of beautiful people filled with quality food and wine.

We started the night with an announcement of a new Master of Elysium: Lord Bradford has decided to take the reins of the position (albeit one that might be slightly cursed considering how often we go through them in a year). Far as I know, there is only one person who is guarding Elysium and should there are those who are interested in aiding as Keepers, please inform accordingly to your chain of command. Congratulations Lord Bradford, may you break the unfortunate chain of failures that we have seen thus far.

As if to counter the sudden diminish in attendance, we have a few new faces this evening seeking for Acknowledgements. I present to you:

Miss Robin Hubble of Clan Gangrel and a part of the Circle of the Crone. First female Acolyte that has stepped into Dark Ridge since Geogetta Redding and Acknowledged by the His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Next we have Miss Filutk (Pronounced “Fi-lut-ka”), an unaligned Nosferatu with an affiliation with cats who is Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray and largely encouraged to look for a covenant.

Now without half the city present, the duties over covering the dangers of this city lie solely on the shoulders of Deputy Thomas Whitlock. Luckily, it seems the only immediate concern that evening was a bunch of homeless people who are apparently squatting on Brack Haven and creating a spectacle. Well it turns out that Brack Haven is located next to the New Dawn Church of our previous Master of Elysium who has failed to attend to her duties since December. The city went in separate groups to investigate the Haven and was I ever charmed by what Lady Red has to teach me about the homeless. My team consisted of Miss Hubble, Priscus Dalca, Mr Taylor and Filutk, found that the homeless were made up of young people who chose to drop out of college because of all the free food and accommodations floating around. It appears even the homeless have their cliques, with a ‘welcome group’ and a ‘secret group’ in place that represents their bizarre hierarchy.

Lady Red, Lord Bradford, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Whitlock made up the other team that decided to scout the ‘secret group’ head on. Imagine my surprise when Lord Bradford reappeared just moments later – Mr. Andrews has sent him back to the vehicle in question and treated him like a chauffeur for his personal pleasure while working undercover. Touché. Boons can fix that dear and I know I haven’t recorded any that night.

It was summarized by Lady Red, that the homeless was an organized herd that was forgotten, likely by Miss Colleen Firestone. Lady Red has taken up the responsibility to clear the leftover mess, with Miss Blackmoore’s permission of course.

Well, while most of the city is away, Mr. Parker has brought the fun back to those who lingered in the gathering. His Grace and Mr. Parker went to investigate the news article referring to the Dog hunting club and it turned out there was a racist white man who trained a black bear called “Honey” to be racist against black people. That explained the random animal attacks that have occurred in the recent months. Well like a true former sheriff, His Grace had the man turn himself in to the authorities, along with the evidence that is utterly involuntarily self-divulged.

Mr. Billings went on his own adventure and attempted to sabotage the machinery around Cumberland Constructing. While he successfully did conduct a bit of damage to the equipment, his stealth around the sewers still managed to trigger the alarms around the vicinity and plans have to be aborted prematurely.

Not to fall behind, Mr. Parker managed to generate his own adventures by locating an art thief who had stolen from the museum in the Crone’s territory. Again engaging His Grace, they went through a black market buyer, seller and eventually, the one who was responsible for the crime. If anyone ever wonders why His Grace should remain peacefully behind at gatherings, it is because when you pump an Elder with the energy to adventure in deadly waters, he ends up feeding people to sharks. Oh and apparently we have sharks roaming about in Shadowbay Lake now. So yes, some lowlife was fed to the sharks for stealing from property under The Prince’s domain. I would appreciate it if Mr. Parker, that you would cease starting problems for others to clean up, but after racist bears and freshwater sharks and art burglars named after cartoons, I believe you have an area of expertise that few would voice in polite conversation.

So to summarize the night, the kindred of this city have debunked most of all the current news events. If further adventuring is in place, please don’t forget to at least inform the Sheriff or his deputies. Lord Bradford has offered a ritual that could help with warding the Strix that requires bricks from one’s haven or asset. Preferably bricks from all cardinal directions. Those who wish to witness the ritual and learn from it, Lord Bradford has allowed it. Do bear in mind the literature was set in French text, should anyone wishes to commit that to memory.

For this month, I would like to Recognize a very special individual who has remained faithfully with this city and in service to his Grace all these months despite the disappointing list of mentors. For the long nights of your consistent attendance before your release, I now announce that:

Mr. Vance Taylor, Gangrel of the Ordo Dracul, is now Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) in the city of Dark Ridge, status increased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

Next month’s gathering has yet been selected by any clan or covenant. Please inform the Master of Elysium should you are up to the task. Until then~

Safe Nights Ahead,

Priscilla Tan

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