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February 2015 Royal Harpy Report

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February 2015 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:15 pm

Happy Valentines everyone, I hope everyone returned to their havens in one piece.

For starters, Clan Nosferatu has delivered a dual theme for their gathering this month; A cross between a “bloody Valentine” and ambient romanticism. After a minor clearance check to ensure no possessed kindred are entering the Necropolis, the kindred were led down a hallway decorated by pulmonary organs and a splash of crimson evidence in its wake – because nothing screams “Be mine tonight” louder than a string of broken hearts across the walls. Eventually, the gory sense of humor faded in the tunnels and we were welcomed with a sight that was promised, a bathhouse filled with comforts and elegance for the night. It was quite unfortunate that His Grace had to remind us that we needed to respect the Haunts for hosting this gathering despite its location in the Necropolis. It seems that someone has prepared a secondary venue to be called a ‘gathering’ with the intent to disrupt our hosts’ plans.  The rudeness was quite regrettable but nonetheless, avoided.

Cumberland Construction is now officially a brood-affiliated company. Some of our own who attempted to investigate its premises were attacked by kindred with diablerie veins. The presence of Brood meant a threat to the Masquerade. They feed without conscience and they seek to destroy Traditions that ensure our survival. His Grace has ordered the city to utilize their influences to shut down Cumberland’s operations in every area possible.

Another active threat is the Strix. The Strix was what contributed to the breach, reported as a mysterious explosion through mortal news. During the gathering, it possessed a young-looking Haunt by the name of Mentari and caused a bit of a commotion down in the Necropolis. The entity presumably fled the premises after Mentari was subdued. The clearance check conducted on all kindred involved shining a light in their eyes for it is said that the Strix would cause one’s eyes to glow yellow. Lord Bradford and the Seneschal are tasked to acquire those lights for the kindred in the city as a precaution. Those with the powers of the Sight are encouraged to use it around other kindred because they might reveal diablerie veins and warn you of a Strix’s presence, and if anything, a potential cannibal in your presence. Possessed kindred tend to acquire a stronger beast, and the Strix prefer their host to be humane because they thrive in corrupting the innocent. Strix travel in groups, known to arrive as a parliament of owls – They have descended upon cities such as Rome and New Orleans and possess kindred to turn against one another. Now it is our turn. The Strix are rumored to be the leftovers of kindred who fully succumb to their beasts and take pleasure in destroying kindred society from within. As of now, there are no clear banes that will ward against possession. The Sheriff and His Grace have eluded that Strix despise fire and sunlight as we do. Bells and certain flowers might ward them but there is no certainty to what kind. Everyone should avoid travelling alone and make frequent checks to ensure your fellow kindred are clean of possession. Should you be unfortunate enough to find out otherwise, please avoid a direct physical confrontation and contact the Sheriff as soon as possible.

Now for lovely introductions of the evening, we have quite a few visitors who are passing through and some who are seeking acknowledgement in Dark Ridge.

Mr. Billings, Carthian Mehket who has given Lady Red a good run for her money when it came to debates, is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Miss Abigail Kensington, Daeva who is still under the shroud of the First Estate, is also Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. Miss Kensington is currently under the mentorship of Sir D’Antoine to become a Knight. We wish you luck in your endeavor.

Dr. William Gannon, a Mehket Carthian passing through the city was granted 14 days of hospitality by His Grace.  Mr. Andonai, Ventrue Invictus was granted 7 days of hospitality by His Grace. Lady Elizabeth Mackentine, Ventrue Invictus and a Judas in her covenant, was granted 7 days of hospitality by His Grace. Lucien Thoreau, Ventrue Invictus and mentor to Lord Bradford, was granted 30 days of hospitality by His Grace.

Due to the dangers of Strix inflicting harm upon this city, visitors are expected to be on their merry way before their hospitality runs out. Those who are Unaligned would find themselves in a difficult position when seeking Acknowledgement in Dark Ridge due to the presence of Brood. After all, Brood ARE made up of kindred who have deserted their covenants, officially or otherwise.

In less somber news, I am quite thrilled by the new company around us: Mr. Sleet who was so recently Acknowledged was candid to provide a bit of information about himself as a previous resident in East North Carolina and a neonate of the night. His Grace and Lady Red offered much of their version of historical dancing, journalism and seduction. The Daeva Elder was even kind enough to ask Mr. Andrews to introduce Mr. Vance Taylor to the taste of mortal blood. After all, it takes more palate and skill to hunt for our kine than mere animals. While I do not recommend the ‘Dine and Dash’ method that seemed to involve crude grinding on a random dance floor, it is an alternative that is wholly possible now that I have a visual presented to me. I would encourage anyone to sit down and have a chat with Lady Red – she provides much insight on many topics as an experienced Elder. As a reminder, for those who have questions about Lady Red, please feel free to approach her instead of gossiping in the shadows.

Now, I would like to update everyone on the change of seasons that have occurred thus far. Miss Samantha Jacobs has stepped down as the voice of her clan and the Daeva has appointed Lady Red as their new Priscus. Similarly, Mr. Aydin Sadik has left the position of Priscus to focus on his duties as Sheriff and appointed Miss Sefika Sadik to replace him as the voice of the Mehket. Miss Sadik was also appointed as the Sheriff’s second deputy in the last gathering. For the position of Hound, His Grace has appointed Sir Daniel D’Antoine for the job and he would be keeping the city safe from unannounced visitors for the nights to come. Congratulations to everyone who has risen up to their new positions!

Mr. Vance Taylor is currently vying for Priscus, but Clan Gangrel is falling short in attendance. If the Gangrel hopes to be represented within the Prisci Council, might I suggest a show in numbers in future gatherings?

The court still needs to fill the positions of Master of Elysium and Keepers of Elysium. Interested parties, please contact your Priscus and the Seneschal.

Another topic of interest is the implementation of the Status Document, which is designed to put a value to status and encourage kindred to contribute towards the city and climb the ranks. Those with lower status can appeal for a Right of Apprenticeship to those of higher status to extend their rights to them. For example, an Acknowledged kindred can appeal to someone who is of Recognized status or higher to extend their rights to them to purchase assets in the city. The price of the Right of Apprenticeship is a private agreement between the kindred and is strictly considered a personal affair. Should this come as a condition in boons, however, you could always record them with the harpies.

Speaking of status, for consistent attendance and fulfilling your appointed position, Mr Jacob Andrews is now a Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) member of the city of Dark Ridge, status increased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

Finally, the gathering in March would be hosted by the Ventrue Clan. We are meeting at a local high end restaurant, Vin Est, which is renowned for its food and good wine. His Grace and I have ensured proper lighting in the vicinity to hopefully discourage the ever negative presence of Strix. A taste of finery is what we are aiming for this month, and calm activities in place while we deal with the mountainous issues of this city. We look forward to meeting everyone.

Safe nights ahead,

Miss Victoria Charleston

Priscilla Tan

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