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February 2015 Prisci Harpy Report

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February 2015 Prisci Harpy Report

Post by Mike Tomlin on Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:05 pm

Greetings fellow Kindred, it seems that this month has been exciting and not completely in the best of ways.
First off, there were a few new faces to address in Court this month:

Dr. William Ganan, a member of the Movement and from Clan Mehket, was vouched for by Sheriff Sadik and given two weeks of hospitality by His Grace.

Mr. Adonai, a Ventrue of the First Estate, was vouched for by Priscus Dalca and received one week of hospitality from His Grace.

Ms. Elizabeth Macentire, a Ventrue also of the First Estate, was vouched for by Priscus Dalca.  She was awarded one week of Hospitality by His Grace.

Ms. Abigail Kenzington, a Succubus of the First Estate, was vouched for by Sir D’Antoine.  She has been Acknowledged by His Grace.

Lord Therou has been given 30 days of Hospitality by His Grace.

Mr. Billings has returned for another Gathering and this month sought out Acknowledgement from His Grace.  He is now an Acknowledged member of the Court.

I would like to take a moment here and congratulate Mr. Jack for his wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration!  The décor was spectacular from the crushed hearts to the ones with knives through them, the bath house amazing.  I’m sure that we all took a new look at the Nosferatu of the city.  They certainly know how to surprise and bring joy to a gathering, even with a little dark humor.

His Grace has seen fit to appoint two more members to his Primogen Council.  I would like to congratulate both Lillian Blackmoore and Lord Bradford on their ascension to this position.  I’m sure, along with Sheriff Sadik, they will work to better the city in every way.

Another couple of changes have happened in the Prisci Council, with that I would like to introduce them all again so as to not bring any confusion to the newer members of the city.

The Priscus for the Nosferatu is Mr. Jack, a delightful individual that is also the Seneschal.

The Priscus for the Ventrue is Eliza Dalca, lovely gothic individual that seems to have a fair head on her shoulders.

The Priscus for Clan Mehket has changed to Sefika Sadik.  I’ve not had much contact with her other than via messages but I’m sure she’ll do a lovely job.

The Succubi also have a new Priscus this month.  Let us all welcome Lady Red to the seat on the Council.   As a Daeva of the First Estate, I have high hopes for her.

The Gangrel currently do not have a Priscus so please direct them to the Seneschal or the leader of their Covenant.

The Investigations for this month were quite interesting.  Cumberland has been quite a thorn in our sides, and as such we are being requested to put a stop to Cumberland as best we can.  I would like to congratulate Lord Therou, Lord Bradford, Vance Taylor, Mr. Billings, and Sefika Sadik for your excursion to Cumberland Industries.  They were able to uncover for certain unacknowledged Kindred with Diablerie veins in their auras.

They are dangerous to say the least and it is a necessity for the Court to work together to protect our City and I have hope that we can all do so.

The more stressing matter this month was a Haunt girl that was possessed by a Strix.  We know little about the Strix but they are certainly a danger to us.   Thanks to the combined efforts of the Court we were able to stop the girl from hurting anyone at the Gathering.

If anyone does not allow you to shine their lights in their eyes it is to be assumed they are Strix and if you are not able to detain them find a way to contact the Sheriff.  As well if someone’s Beast seems particularly more powerful than you last remember than that may also be a sign.  Please proceed with caution.

On to better news:

Sir D’Antoine has been chosen for the position of Hound.  His Grace has seen fit to Recognize him for his contributions to the City.

I am raising Priscus Dalca to a Recognized member of the Court due to her consistent attendance to Gatherings and her help that she has provided for the City.
Harpy Andrews

((OOC Disclaimer:  If there is anything misspelled or grammatically incorrect, assume it is the Author and not the Character. It's been a rough month.))

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