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January 2015 Prisci Harpy Report

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January 2015 Prisci Harpy Report

Post by Mike Tomlin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:24 pm

Happy New Year!  It’s an amazing time of year with one ending and another beginning!  This is an exciting time for all of us, a chance to reflect on the years that have gone by.  I am going to reflect at this moment on our delightful last Gathering.

What is it that makes us all relax?  The party that the Succubi threw certainly tried to have them all present.  Ms. Lillian Blackmoore’s fine vintages were present for those inclined towards such wonderful beverages. Ms. Sam Jacobs and Nicholas Parker certainly showed us their creative side with an art gallery we could all be envious of.  I chose to allow the Kindred of the city try their hand at a bit of gambling.  I do hope everyone enjoyed the Ballroom dancing and the outside area specified for the martial adepts.  It was a delight to have everyone filling the halls of Maison De La Rose.

There were quite a few new Kindred that joined the gathering.  Many of them even went through the proper channels to enter the city.  Let’s welcome them all to our city.

Mr. Sleet, Ventrue of the First Estate, was granted Acknowledgement by His Grace.

Sir Daniel D’Antoine, a rather delightful Invictus from my own clan, was granted Acknowledgement from his Grace.

Mr. Lavarus Billings is a Mehket Carthian, vouched for by Priscus Sadik, and has garnered 3 days of Hospitality from His Grace.

Alan Lye was granted a week of Hospitality by His Grace.  A Nosferatu of the Carthian Movement that I think would have done well in the city had he stayed.

Mr. Luther is a Savage from the woods.  Gracing us with his presence, he was given seven days of Hospitality by His Grace.

I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Vance Taylor on his release, as well as Marquis Shirokov for being the one to complete his training.  Mr. Taylor has worked hard to come this far, as well has been an asset to the city.  His Grace has Acknowledged Mr. Taylor for his contributions.  Bravo.

Lady Elena Corsetti, also known as Lady Red, has been granted Acknowledgement by His Grace.  Congratulations Lady Red, I look forward to playing more card games with you.

I feel the biggest change in the city this night is Duke Elliot Grey’s new edicts concerning Status.  A wonderful idea to put forth rights related to how well you are doing in the city.  I applaud his initiative to better the city and look forward to how it will affect those living here.  I advise that everyone read the new laws and follow them closely, less you garner the attention of the wrong people.

I would like to note here that I personally agree with the Royal Harpy concerning boons.  If you’re wondering what I’m speaking of, go read Harpy Charleston’s report.   She does an amazing job of explaining the subject.  I will add this though, if you intend to ask for secrets to a Kindred's enterprise, first of all offer a boon for the information and secondly don't walk away with the intent to start a rival business.  I promise you things will go badly.

Since we haven’t heard much from Ms. Firestone as of late it should come as no shock to anyone that her position as Master of Elysium has been ripped from her due to her not being present to Gatherings to declare Elysium.  If you feel this is a position for you, I implore you to put in an application for consideration.

I would like to go ahead and congratulate Ms. Eliza Dalca.  Though only being here for two months she has already garnered the favour of Clan Ventrue as she is now their Priscus.  I look forward to working with you Priscus Eliza Dalca.

Now for the events of the evening, it almost seems like a blur.
The Sheriff requested the aid of the citizens in helping with investigations.  A nice time to have so many new Kindred I’d say.

Vita is the newest drug on the street.  It apparently gives a wonderful high and the ability to use the Gifts we Kindred covet so much!  I took a personal interest in the case when I heard they needed some strung out on the stuff to test.  Though I was gone only a short time I was able to return with two lovely junkies for the interrogation process.  It apparently was enough since Sheriff Aydin Sadik, Ms. Sefika Sadik, Ms. Sam Jacobs, Priscus Eliza Dalca, and Alejandro DeLobo left to track down a dealer of the latest craze.

We are all thankful for your dedications and use of your abilities for the city.  Ms. Sefika Sadik, from what I hear your use of Telepathy was instrumental in collecting information, pun intended.  Ms. Sam Jacobs, your social abilities are almost legendary by now, fantastic job showing how special Succubi are.  Priscus Eliza Dalca, I hear you did a wonderful job preventing a fight and making sure no one knew any of you existed, congratulations on showing how strong the Ventrue Clan is.  You were all selfless and should be examples for those who desire to better their standing in the city, as well as garner more Rights.

As the Vita investigations were coming along, another investigation was taking place.  The group went to investigate a spirit ill at ease from my understanding.  It was quite more than that as the area around the school they were investigating can cause Frenzy and is growing.   Luckily for us the group was able to keep Masquerade as well as bring forth a report to His Grace.  Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Whitlock, Mr. Vance Taylor, Mr. Luther, and Ms. Coralien Abandonato.  I here tell that Ms. Abandonato and Mr. Taylor were both conducive to furthering the Investigation.  Father Strange has volunteered to help possibly exorcise the Ghost that is causing the troubled area in our city.

As we wind down to a close I especially would like to thank Mr. Luther and Mr. Lye for helping our city even though you were just passing through.  You have done us a great service that we shall not soon forget.

Victoria Charleston, it has come forth that you have been helping the city most adamantly without the ability to be rewarded for such.  As such I would like you to know that people are watching your actions and I was approached on my thoughts of the subject as a Harpy.  My thoughts are simple and clear.  For your deeds to the city I raise you to a Valued member.

Thomas Whitlock, I shall congratulate you on your new duties as a Deputy by Recognizing your stalwart determination to the city.  Your actions in your investigations were professional and an asset to the city.

Next Gathering is on Valentine’s Day and being hosted by the Nosferatu…this will certainly make for an interesting Gathering to say the least.  For now have a wonderful night.

Harpy Andrews

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