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January 2015 Royal Harpy Report

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January 2015 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:33 am

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

Let us applaud clan Daeva for taking the first leap to welcome a brand New Year! Compared to the last gathering, this one is considerably relaxed with art gallerias, modern music, ballroom dancing, and a set up Black Jack table as entertainment for the evening. Coupled with Miss Blackmoore’s famous Lacrima, and a courtyard for those of the sparring type, I believe the Succubi have covered all our preferred sins. Bravo!

News of this gathering must have reached quite far because we have quite a few new faces that evening. Let us welcome those who have sought the proper channels to perform their introductions of simply know enough to show up at the gathering to announce their presence in Dark Ridge:

Mr. Sleet, Ventrue and Invictus, was granted Acknowledgement by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Sir Daniel D'Antoine, Daeva of the First Estate, a member of good wit completed with a thick French accent, is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Lazarus Billings, Carthian Mehket, is a kindred who is passing through town. Vouched by Mr. Aydin Sadik, Mr. Billings is granted three days of hospitality and requires an escort to use The Rack.

Alan Lye, the spirited Nosferatu of the Movement who is passing through in time for the party, is granted seven days of hospitality in Dark Ridge by His Grace.

Mr. Luther, an Unaligned Gangrel who had wandered into the city with the obligation to “socialize” away from his usual secluded forest to get a glimpse of city Kindred, was granted seven days of hospitality as he determines his presence around the modern nights.

Vance Taylor, the now released Gangrel and the only Savage who has kept a very consistent record of attendance, is hereby Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. May your tenacity shine in the nights to come.

Lady Elena Corsetti, Daeva Invictus, and one of the highly regarded members of the Corsetti Dynasty. For her consistent help in the past, she will be fondly addressed as ‘Lady Red’ and is hereby Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

And what better to kick off the New Year than a few resolutions? Top one on my list that is an annual reoccurrence: To achieve a lasting Requiem befitting of an Elder. For those who are unaware of the Elders in this city, it is high time you take a few minutes to sit down and have a little chat with a few to understand how they have outlived the centuries. They represent the tradition and foundation of our society and should be given due respect – Respect that is sorely lacking in the recent months amongst some of our neonates.

I believe most of you recall the events pertaining to the Mother Confessor in my past reports? I shall repeat myself one last time. Miss Blackmoore is a Valued Elder, not your personal stepping stool for higher status, power, position or self-entitlement. Her grievances are paid in full and His Grace has ordered the city to cease any further talk about the matter. It amazes me that those who have never had the luxury of experiencing the crime would wield it far more obnoxiously than those who did. In case there is any mistake in the matter, Miss Blackmoore is forgiven, not just by The Prince, but by those she has transgressed. Any further mention of this grievance, I can assure that it would be more than a simple stern note from me. THAT is my second resolution this year.

In case you find yourself in a bind because you are tailoring your civility towards individuals and there is no Elder in your presence, perhaps you should consider city status as your guide. Those who are Recognized, Valued, Respected and Admired in this city have done one thing or another that is deserving of their current status. If you have difficulty figuring out the status of who’s who, either Mr. Andrews or I would be happy to help with your trivial affair.

If you haven’t read the status decree posted by Duke Elliot Gray, I highly suggest digging into it because it does set a limitation of your rights within this city. (OOC Link : The court will enforce the new laws under the Praxis of the First Estate. (OOC: If you want general guidelines about how to gain or lose status, please follow this link: As a reminder, His Grace expects Kindred who have acquired mortal assets before the release of these rights to inform the Seneschal by the February Gathering. There are consequences for those who fail to comply the rules of this city.

When you do make a mistake, I recommend using Boons to get yourself out of an awkward bind. This should be common knowledge but then again, I have witnessed a refusal of boons in our last gathering when one kindred stood up another after agreeing to a rendezvous. Is a Trivial boon really worth holding back on in this instance? We all know people make mistakes but often enough they can be repaired with no hard feelings when offered swiftly and correctly.

Prestation is also a sign of courtesy and consideration towards the person you have requested help from. In most courts, prestation validates the person who conducts the task. Even if you might not find the necessity of such validation, bear in mind; most kindred do not liken to do anything for free. Their services all require some type of sacrifice and the simplest means to validate that sacrifice is through boons. When you owe a boon, you are not just merely making a transaction; you are forming trust and ensuring future cooperation with those kindred.

Words are meaningless if there isn’t a promise involved. And promises come from boons. That has always been the social contract of our society. Boons are not mere rewards or repayment; they are promises to be held in high regard.

When you do have a boon, please record them with me to avoid a logistical nightmare. If there are specific conditions to a boon, I recommend having both parties present when recording them with me. If you have status recommendation for other kindred, approach either harpies and if you have grievances that needed to be entered one of our reports, I’m sure one of us would be happy to comply.  Our writing is, ideally, largely independent yet representative of those who appointed us. As per my monthly reports, in case anyone wonders, His Grace does not get a privileged read ahead before everyone else. I offer a Trivial boon to Prince Gray should this statement of fact be offensive to my Elder.

Now to summarize a series of events in the last gathering. Due to unknown mischief, the Prince’s domain was drained of vitae, a blatant breach of our respect for Domain. Someone has been feeding in the Prince’s personal territory without due permission and for that reason, a Hound has been appointed to protect the vital resources of our city. Unacknowledged Kindred are expected inform either the Seneschal or Priscus before entry into Dark Ridge to avoid an unfortunate fate.

Other more controversial topics includes the yet again, missing Master of Elysium. Since her appointment, Miss Firestone has failed to be competent in her job, having not attended a single gathering, much less those that require an Elysium. His Grace has stripped her of the position and we are now searching for another Master of Elysium. Any recommendations or volunteers are welcome. Just remember: Your presence is necessary at the gathering if it were declared as an Elysium.

The city has been bustling with more strange affairs and the city was asked to inform the Sheriff if they wish to aid the city.  There is a mysterious drug passed around the city that drains our lovely mortals of blood and Mr. Sadik has asked for aid for those who might have influences or skills in Pharmaceuticals. This could very well be a detriment to the point of vitae rationing if this drug, ‘Vita’ continues to be pushed into the streets.

From the other corners of occult mysteries, Mr. Whitlock and Miss Abandonato has found a school plagued with anger from a series of murder committed a few decades ago and came face to face with a ghost! Judging by the increase in violence in the education center, it was predicted that the sphere of mystical anger would grow and create chaos around the area. Any kindred who enters its sphere of influence was prone to anger frenzying. Father Strange has offered human exorcists to deal with the ghost issue. Human retainers would be necessary to release the anger around the area, it seems, where seven infants were buried along with their father after a violent murder. Should you wish to help in this investigation, Mr. Whitlock is now the deputy and running the case. This incident is located in Lancea Sanctum territory so I would suggest informing your presence to Miss Blackmoore before running amok in that school.

With that in mind, let us congratulate Mr. Whitlock for being appointed a deputy to the Sheriff. Mr. Sadik has high praise for Mr. Whitlock’s abilities and the Daeva clan has yet again, proven quite active in their skills and contributions to this city. Thank you for your time and efforts to protecting Dark Ridge.

The next gathering will be hosted by Clan Nosferatu. The Seneschal has promised a delightful atmosphere for the celebration of St. Valentine. Curious and Curiouser, how would Haunts celebrate such a day and what should we expect while gathering in their territory?

Safe nights ahead,

Victoria Charleston

Priscilla Tan

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