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The Kindred Bill of Rights of Dark Ridge

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The Kindred Bill of Rights of Dark Ridge

Post by Robert Voitle on Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:25 am

Citizens of Dark Ridge:

I present to you, our Kindred Bill of Rights. This is a complete list of the rights and privileges that each of you may enjoy while living here in Dark Ridge based on your standing within the court.

As is customary of our kind, the domain of Dark Ridge recognizes six levels of standing within the city:

0) Unacknowledged
1) Acknowledged
2) Recognized
3) Valued
4) Respected
5) Admired

Unacknowledged kindred dwelling within Dark Ridge have no rights afforded to them. They must seek out the prince through their covenant or clan leaders, or the Seneschal, and have those leaders petition the prince for Acknowledgement on the part of the unacknowledged kindred.

Acknowledgement may not always be granted immediately. At times the Prince may decide to grant hospitality for a time to evaluate if a kindred is worthy of Acknowledgement. Once granted hospitality, the kindred is made the responsibility of a sponsor and is safe from the Scourge only when in their Sponsors presence, while attending court, or while performing duties as requested by court officers.

Acknowledged citizens of the Dark Ridge have the following rights:

1) The Right of Residence – Acknowledged kindred have the right to reside within the domain and are safe from the Hound.
2) The Right of Law – Acknowledged Kindred are protected by the laws of the prince.
3) The Right of Sustenance – Acknowledged Kindred may feed in the Rack and territories designated for their Clans and Covenants (They may not feed in restricted or personal hunting grounds of other citizens without permission)
4) The Right of Apprenticeship – Acknowledged kindred may petition court officers to hold assistant offices beneath said court officers such as Talons under a Harpy or Deputies under a Sheriff.
5) Right of Patronage – Acknowledged kindred have the right to request, for appropriate prestation, the patronage of a citizen of higher standing. When Patronage is granted, a singular, specific right or privilege held by the citizen of higher standing is extended to the kindred of lower standing. Appropriate prestation is determined through negotiation between the two parties involved. The court is to be notified each and every time this right is invoked and the Prince reserves the right to reverse any Patronage deemed detrimental to the stable working of the domain.

It is important to note that the rights an acknowledged individual receives in the court cannot be purchased or loaned to other kindred who do not possess standing no matter how large a boon they offer. It should go without saying that the rights afforded by lower standing are encompassed by higher standings (i.e.: a valued kindred may claim all the rights afforded to acknowledged, recognized and valued citizens).

Recognized citizens of Dark Ridge have the following rights:

1) The Right of Petition – Recognized Kindred may petition the prince for a personal audience by offering the prince a trivial boon.
2) The Right of Institution – Valued kindred may petition the prince for control over a mortal institution, such as a business or government office. If the request is granted the kindred obtains the right to determine who may have influence in the area, and its employees/assets are considered their property. The Prince and those acting under his direct authority are not subject to these restrictions. The proper amount of prestation should vary depending on the size and power of the institution and the duration for which the kindred making the petition wishes to maintain control over the institution, but it should be no less than a minor boon (OOC: Your character may purchase the asset merit for businesses/institutions in the city).
3) The Right of Service – Recognized kindred may hold positions within the city, such as Harpy, Sheriff, and Scourge.

Valued citizens of Dark Ridge have the following rights:

1) The Right of Childer – By offering His Grace a major boon, valued kindred may petition the prince to be allowed to create a childe.
2) The Right of Hunting Grounds – Valued kindred may petition the prince for hunting grounds. The level of boon offered to His Grace to make this petition will vary depending on the location of the hunting grounds requested and the duration that the kindred intends to hold claim over the grounds. A minor boon is the smallest measure of prestation acceptable to make for this petition.
3) The Right of Address – By offering a minor boon to His Grace, valued kindred may be given time during court to address the assembled citizens directly on an issue. The amount of time they will be given is subject to the His Grace’s discretion. This right need not be petitioned for, though the Prince and Seneschal should be alerted beforehand. Time may be cut short due to pressing matters at His Grace’s discretion.

Respected citizens of Dark Ridge have the following rights:

1) The Right of Primogen – By offering a minor boon, respected kindred may petition the prince to join his Primogen Council.
2) The Privilege of Tenure – Respected kindred may petition the prince for a tenurial domain. The laws of the domain must be upheld in the tenured area, but the lord may place further restrictions if they wish, working in concert with the prince. The prince and those acting with his direct authority are not subject to the new laws of the tenurial domain. Prestation offered for the consideration of this petition should be based on the size and power of the tenurial domain in question, but should not be less than a minor boon.

I am aware that there are many of you who may currently be enjoying the benefits of rights or privileges that you are no longer entitled to under this codification. To ensure fairness, I am willing to grandfather all current violators of these rights and privileges into this new status-based system. This means that, if you don’t currently qualify for the right of Institution, but hold significant control over a mortal institution, you do not have to relinquish that control. Ideally, as the months progress, you would seek a patron to extend this right to you.
As a part of the transfer to this new system of rights and privileges, it will be necessary for all kindred to record their assets with the court. It is imperative that we know who has controlling interests of which institutions to ensure that those kindred who violate the rights of those of higher standing can be properly brought to justice. It is also necessary to protect those of lower standing from false accusations. Each kindred will report to the Seneschal and disclose their interests in mortal institutions. Those who fail to comply with this edict before the end of court on February 14, 2015, and who do not qualify for the Right of Institution, will be considered in violation of the law and subject to investigation and possible punishment should they be found guilty.

Duke Elliot Gray
Admired Prince of Dark Ridge
Respected Invictus
Respected Ventrue
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Re: The Kindred Bill of Rights of Dark Ridge

Post by Justin Cline on Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:12 pm

OOC: I just put these on the wiki, just in case anyone still uses that thing lol

OOC: Justin Cline
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