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December 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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December 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:46 pm

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

There is much to be joyous about in this month of celebration as we welcome new faces and foster stronger ties within the city. I’m sure you have heard from a new voice this month to report on your monthly news and if not, well, let’s just say you are missing out on some real flair. First off, let us congratulate Mr. Jacob Andrews for his appointment as Prisci Harpy. I have seen his dedication towards the position in the last gathering, and I gander that the Council must have represented the needs and wants of their clans when this decision was made. So without further ado, let us applaud Clan Daeva for housing such a strong voice and coming out stronger still in the selection process.

The winter solstice has attracted a few new kindred in our midst. From across continents, we have Miss Eliza Dalca, Ventrue of the Ordo Dracul, who was sent by the origins of her covenant to our fair city. Vouched by the Ventrue Priscus, Miss Eliza Dalca is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

From Russian roots, we have Marquis Bela Petrovich Shirokov, a Gangrel of the First Estate, and quite an impression he has made with his introduction! A pair of large wolves heeled by his side as he makes an introduction befitting of an Invictus elder, followed by a gift of vintage Lacrima to the Praxis. A bottle of 1723 Daeva Lacrima, now that is a rarity. It was quite unfortunate that the good Marquis was unable to locate the Gangrel Priscus of this city but nonetheless he was resourceful enough to seek for the Seneschal for proper entry. Bela Petrovich Shirokov is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Now for the details of the month’s gathering! As promised by Mr. Decranthis in November, the Mehket gathering is conducted in his personal haven within Montrose. The location had all the amenities and décor, but blatantly missing its host, leaving a dutiful Miss St. Cyr to carry out the awkward positon. One might think Mr. Decranthis is psychic for His Grace has hinted that some of the absent have avoided a good lashing. It seems that little controversy would have to be postponed to a later date.

Another absentee is the Keeper, who had in the previous month, promised that the upper floors of the gathering to be conducted as places of Elysium. Miss Firestone, if this hasn’t been obvious to you, keeping Elysia actually requires your presence. Additionally, leaving your unreleased Childe without a proper attendee speak volumes of one’s character. Surrogated he might be, Mr. Taylor is still considered a ward that you have volunteered to burden and you are held accountable for his actions, including ensuring that he is not alone during public gatherings.

Due to the nature of consistent missing Sires, The Prince has allowed Vance Taylor a chance of release, if he is able to recite the Traditions. Unfortunately, it seems that neglect was significantly branched into the areas of education. Mr. Taylor has forgotten Amaranth, possibly the most important one out of the main three. When a democratic vote was casted, the city was against his release, and who could blame them? It was Marquis Shirokov who stepped forth with the promise to correct the misguidance of all of Mr. Taylor’s predecessors – a task that is would be reviewed by our next gathering. I wish all the luck to Mr. Taylor, for the teachings of the Invictus are harsh and effective.

From mortal news, there is trouble brewing in Dark Ridge that screamed Masquerade Breach. His Grace called for an investigation on the “Kristmas Killer,” an urban villain who seemed to celebrate his annual Christmas jollies by exsanguinating people and replacing their canines with pointy candy canes. Of course that wasn’t allowed to fly and the Sheriff gathered a team of investigators for the task.

Meanwhile, Clan Mehket has hosted a party that involved riddle-solving. For correct answer, Kindred have a chance to win trivial boons from the Shadows. Those who are capable of solving Mr. Aydin Sadik’s riddles have a chance to win two trivial boons for each riddle for they were written in code. His Grace was quite engaged with the two-part riddles provided by the Sheriff and spent a good portion in the beginning of his evening deciphering code with Miss Dalca. The Dragons have proven themselves quite handy as His Grace was able to solve both riddles before the hour was up.

During this time, I had a lovely chat with the Lancea Sanctum, who invited me to their covenant meeting. The Mother Confessor and Father Strange were eager to introduce me to their newest member: Miss Jules Stark. Congratulations on finding a covenant that suited your beliefs! Miss Blackmoore has led the Lancea Sanctum piously for the last year, I’m sure you would find what you are looking for under her leadership.

While the Shadows are busy playing gracious hosts, some of the Daeva were planning on their gathering come next month. In fact, the planning has gone so well that Mr. Nicholas Parker has acquired himself a disco table that talked. Curiosity beckons the Sheriff, Seneschal and Harpy to the Daeva haven where the table was contained. Now the furniture was quite selective on who it wishes to speak to, telling Mr. Sadik to ‘cut some lines.’ Mr. Jack and I left since it wasn’t our area of expertise, drug-dealing or otherwise and last I heard, the disco table was moved to the Crone’s haven for safekeeping.

Upon return to the gathering, the team that was investigating the Kristmas Killer had returned from the mall with a pair of elves. Poor things have their heads scrambled into mush and while Miss Stark believes in aiding their memories with more physical threats, beating one into pulp doesn’t make the mind anymore solid. Luckily, Mr. Whitlock came forth before blood was splattered, and with his special touch, the last location of the Kristmas Killer was generated. The elvish ghouls were contained safely in the kitchen as the group made progress to contain the murderer.

We arrived at an old abandoned warehouse and as soon as the doors crept open, it was a gory sight to behold. The Kristmas Killer in his Santa finery and sitting on his gold and green throne, hammering away on the jaws of his victims, pulling their teeth and stuffing their molars into children toys. The missing reindeer from the local zoo were there too, some have deep gashes and festering open wounds, with an eerie lack of life in their eyes.

Miss Stark was the first to spring into action, dashing down the hallway with Mr. Sadik and Miss Sadik behind her and taking out one of the reindeer that was in her way to Santa’s workbench. When the Kristmas Killer rose from his seat, a long fight ensued. Miss Sadik spent a valiant effort to keep the attentions of the Gangrel-like creature on her, blocking his attacks with her katana while Miss Stark slowly ebbed away the life of Santa Claws.

Mr. Taylor, who was also present after obtaining permission from his mentor, managed to take down a few ghouled reindeer with his pistol to protect his comrades in action. The live ones were quick to run off, leaving the rest in our line of sight. Mr. Whitlock focused his gun at the midway from the battle scene, taking down as many angry Rudolphs as he could to free up their attentions from Miss Stark and Miss Sadik. I, for one, had the liberties to reintroduce my favorite semi-auto that has not seen the light of day since our little encounter with lupins. Guns, it seems, are very effective when hunting most animals, especially undead ones. Even Mr. Parker, who had joined us out of sheer curiosity, had the opportunity to drop kick a reindeer to the ground.

The exciting part was when Father Strange appeared from behind, took a dead reindeer by the hind legs and with the grace of a professional Olympic athlete, spun and threw the carcass headfirst towards the Kristmas Killer and impaling the reindeer’s antlers into his chest. With all the zombie reindeer fallen and motivated by the sight of the impaled enemy, Miss Stark, who was bloodied by the continuous attacks, threw one more gallant punch, Miss Sadik took a direct swing of her blade. Mr. Sadik stepped forward and delivered the final blow that torpored the kindred.

The Kristmas Killer was identified to be an insane Gangrel who was left unchecked in the previous court. The Prince has asked the being confined in his torpored state so that he might regain his humanity from the Fog of Ages. The ghouled elves are released from Mr. Decrathis’s kitchen and confined by the Sheriff and Seneschal, where they will gradually age and pass in the most humane means possible.

For those who are looking for updates in the problems we have so far, His Grace has announced that there is an entity called “Birds of Dis” that started a war between the Lancea Sanctum and the Circle of the Crone in New Orleans. These entities are known to possess kindred with the purpose of dividing the city to the point of utter destruction from within. When not possessing kindred, they appear in the shadows in the shapes of owls with bring yellow eyes. It has been months since the bird was last seen. Those who are renowned in the areas Occult, I urge you to research for the weaknesses of this entity.

The Seneschal has other bad news to offer: During one of his absences, he found the mark of Brood in a company specializing in futuristic technology, called IMPEX. IMPEX has a long standing presence within Dark Ridge and if it is indeed a cooperation funded or run by Belial’s Blood, we need to shut it down before there are major breeches to the Masquerade. The Brood do not have a sound control over their beasts and have the ability to endanger our livelihood when left unchecked.

Obviously, there has been several issues that plague this city, we can cease from inviting more. The Prince has reiterated that Huntsville is a dangerous place filled with Lupins and Hunters who are at war with one another and has ordered that all connections and communications with Huntsville to be completely ceased for here forth.

On to the celebration of status! Since Mr. Andrews has taken the liberties to increase the status of Miss Stark this month, I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate you for your bravery and tenacity exhibited in the grueling fight against Santa. It is extremely admirable and I wish you a quick recovery so that we might enjoy your presence at the next gathering.

Miss Sadik, for selflessly defending everyone from the Kirstmas Killer’s ire. In the brilliance of a coordinated attack, I would like to see Miss Sefika Sadik, Mehket of the Ordo Dracul, as a Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) member of the city of Dark Ridge, status increased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

Clan Daeva will be hosting the first Gathering of the New Year. Let us adjourn at the Daeva’s Communal Haven for this celebration. Until next time and safe nights ahead~

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