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December 2014 Prisci Harpy Report

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December 2014 Prisci Harpy Report

Post by Mike Tomlin on Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:46 pm

It gives me great honor to address the Kindred of the city this night.  I am new to the city, having only lived here for 2 months so far, so allow me to introduce myself.  I am Jacob Alexander Andrews, the newly appointed Prisci Harpy.  I would like to thank the Prisci Council for trusting me with their voice.

The gathering was brought to us by Clan Mehket, in one of the Shadow’s own havens.  I would like to applaud Mr. Decranthis for his wonderful taste; it would have been in person had he bothered to show up.  Also missing was our Master of Elysium Ms. Firestone.  Even with these two missing the Shadows had wonderful entertainment planned for us.  A little more on that later, there’s a few things I’d like to cover first.

There are a few things I enjoy and find worthy of praise; adherence to proper protocol is one of them.  So when a petite young girl came in through the proper channels and was given Acknowledgement, to say the least I was pleased.  A cute Gothic girl, barely into the flower of womanhood was introduced to the Prince in a most respectable fashion.  Miss Eliza Dalca will certainly go far, especially when she could be seen during the evening being social with the Prince.  I think I like her style.

Our next introduction is for a Russian with pet wolves!  Yes, you read that correctly, two wolves that are big as most men that follow his orders without question!  What a character I’d thought to myself.  Then he spoke and I had to ask myself if I was listening truly to one of the Savages.  I’ve never met one so respectable and level headed.  Honey is on his tongue, elegance is his best friend.  Marquis Bela Petrovich Shirokov is everything an Invictus should be, he even claimed the Gangrel Priscus seat unchallenged so far.  I wonder how Mr. Krauss will take that when he finally graces us with his presence.

Well, the next order of business was a sight hairier I feel.  Ms. Firestone did not appear with her wayward Childe.  Mr. Taylor was once again found without his Sire, though she did give him instructions.  The Prince certainly did not agree with that and offered him a chance, a moment in the Moonlight if you will; all he had to do was name our Traditions.  This would have been an easy task if he had been properly educated.   Our most important Traditions are The Masquerade, The Progeny, and the Amaranth.  Everything else can be taught, but I feel that these are paramount in living our Requiem.  Mr. Taylor, the poor childe, named the first two and then Domain.  There was an unsurprising outcry to not release him.  My own clan mate Jules Stark was one of the first to voice her contempt at the thought.  As all Succubi do, passion was in her voice as she asked our young Childe of Amaranth.  It was quickly and quietly spoken that he did know of it but did not mention it.

A few others voiced their opinions; the final decision came about as a question of who would step up and take on his boons, his mistakes, and failings.  Our newly acknowledged Marquis Shirokov stood up after a brief moment of silence.  As of now Mr. Taylor is under the protection and teachings of an Invictus Sire.  A touch of order in his life will do a bit of good I imagine.  We’ll see in thirty days, hopefully Marquis Shirokov will work a miracle and be able to feel comfortable releasing the boy.  I have high regard in his abilities.

After all the excitement at the beginning of the gathering, how was it made better?  With a lovely game of riddles brought to us by the lovely Shadows.  Figure out the riddles and gain some boons while you’re at it.  Such a nice and safe game, everyone who participated enjoyed it.   Praise goes to His Grace for deciphering Sheriff Sadik’s codes.

Our delightful Sheriff did request some assistance with a few investigative issues, which meant some of our number left the gathering to snoop and what not.  I volunteered to help after being asked and went to arrest a mall Santa that had apparently been causing far too much fuss.  Jules Stark had a wonderful idea for distracting the Kine from our open attempt at arrest.  What do people love most in the world?  Why money of course.  Grab their attention; throw a thousand or so dollars in the air, and presto!  There we have an instantly empty Santa line, with a clear shot at…two elves.

An annoyance more than anything especially with all the Daeva around; Sam Jacobs and I made quick puppets out of them, which allowed our beautiful Ms. Stark to run after Old Saint Nick yelling something about a bastard child.  To further emphasize Ms. Stark’s story, Mr. Whitlock yelled out something about making an honest woman out of her!  Let’s all take a moment to enjoy the quick wit and comedy that comes from the Daeva clan shall we?

Did we all have a good laugh?  Good.  Now unfortunately Saint Nick was a touch batty and took flight, escaping through a ventilation shaft.  We did however have two of the Fat Man’s Ghouls.  Our Sheriff decided it was time to return and do a bit of interrogation.  Who better than the sweet talking, lovely, and charismatic Succubi?  Wait, did I say sweet talking?  Ms. Stark is a wonderful asset for an interrogation.  I swear I saw a light gleam in her eyes when she was fed up with elf-boy.  I’m amazed she didn’t just do a quick recalibration of the man’s mental faculties without discussing it with us!  However we did find Santa had already done that after asking our lovely Royal Harpy for some assistance.  Unfortunately that was all we found out.  Luckily our eclectic Mr. Whitlock had some wonderful abilities that let us find out where Kris Kringle was hiding.

As soon as that happened the troops went marching, with our lovely Ms. Victoria Charleston in toe.  Staying behind I was able to find out some of my competitions views on what being a Harpy is all about.  I really feel I should explain how I see Status so everyone can understand how serious I take my new job as a Harpy.  Status is all about how much Kindred should respect and listen to you.  It’s about how well Kindred should be listening to you and paying attention to.  It is not something that should just be thrown around without a thought or simply used for personal gain.  It tells us who’s been bettering the city and who’s been sitting on their thumbs.  Status is important and that’s why the Harpies, and His Grace of course, dictate it so thoroughly; it’s why I feel so honored to have the Prisci Council select me for this position.

Now that I’ve allowed a view into my thoughts on Status, let’s continue with a story of the capture of our Man in Red.

I would like to congratulate Father Strange for one of the best games of bull’s eye I’ve had the pleasure of knowing about.  When our wonderful group of Sheriff, Harpy, and troops returned to the Shadow’s party, Mr. Sadik unceremoniously dropped a torpored Father Christmas with holes in his chest from one of his faithful reindeer’s antlers!  He was sent down to Mr. Jack’s Necropolis, which wasn’t a horrible idea if we’re being honest.

I will mention one more thing before we get to who I feel deserves a touch of recognition this month.  Per the order of the Prince:  We do not return to Huntsville.  If you have someone from there, send them elsewhere first!  You put the entire city in danger if you do not follow this command.  Listen wisely if you wish not to have Hunters and Werewolves crawling all about.  I know I don’t.

I am very impressed with Ms. Jules Stark.  Not only did she keep the Masquerade, but also fearlessly charged forward while keeping her wits about her during our fights.  For her services to the city I grant her Recognition in the city of Dark Ridge.  (OOC: City Status 2)

For being constantly vigilant and protecting the city, bringing about order and a fair system of punishment, I award His Grace Prince Duke Elliot Grey the wonderful position of the only Admired Kindred in our city.  (OOC: City Status 5)

May the Darkness Embrace Us,

Jacob Alexander Andrews, Prisci Harpy

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