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November 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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November 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:59 pm

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

I hope you have been taking advantage of the peaceful gathering we had experienced recently; I dare say it was quite blessed to have an evening where the city doesn’t get disturbed by random occult entrances that seemed to have plagued us in the last few months. For this, I would like to formally express my gratitude to Miss Lillian Blackmoore, leader of the Lancea Sanctum, for hosting the Gran Ballo in the lovely St. Catherine’s Church, and ensuring the peace and security throughout the night.

A few bits of announcements before we enter the more entertaining portions of my report, we have another newcomer into the city. Please welcome Mr. Jacob Andrews, Daeva of the The Carthian Movement, who has expressed an excellent sense of protocol by informing his presence to the Seneschal AND Priscus before entering the city. The Movement has agreed to vouch for his stay within the city and Mr. Andrews is now Acknowledged within Dark Ridge, by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Father Jonathan Strange, Nosferatu of the Lancea Sanctum is also Acknowledged within Dark Ridge by His Grace, for spending a few months contributing to the city.

In addition, we have a new Keeper of Elysium. Congratulations to Miss Colleen Firestone, who has decided to take up a court position and contribute to our city. Should anyone wish to convene in an Elysium, please contact Miss Firestone.

Now, pleasantries aside, we would have to address the interesting bits of my report. As stated earlier, there are no weird implosions of occult activity in this month’s gathering, which meant it allowed the clans, covenants and Prisci Council to regroup. In fact, the regroup was so successful that the missing Gangrel Priscus has reappeared from his long-term disappearance! Priscus Kraus, (yes, you heard right, I called him Priscus because none of the other Gangrel cared to be present and announced any different), arrived to court in a drunken state. His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray was willing to withstand none of the impropriety and made the Savage sober up before he was allowed to interact with polite company. Of course, there was a bit of recompense necessary – Priscus Kraus was to owe a Major Boon for the taboo of leaving his unreleased childer without supervision and tithe all of his resources to the Prince for the next six months.

Now without alcohol in his system, Mr. Kraus was able to get himself into two fights that evening, First with Priscus Sadik, who ended the unfortunate duel in a total of three seconds. Next, was a fight initiated against His Grace after closing court, in an attempt to reduce tithe. The fight ended in two jabs from Duke Gray, and Priscus Kraus was allowed to tithe one resource trait less per month for his tenacity. Despite the initial fumbles in etiquette, when it came to brawling, Priscus Kraus has certainly lived up to the nature of Clan Gangrel.

Following that, Miss Blackmoore gave a moving ceremony – a sermon, prepared by her Sire, the late Cardinal Hayes. Following a prayer led by Miss Firestone, the court was asked to receive communion. Unfortunately, as quick as a Shadow, Mr. Reginald Decranthis was quick to oblige and took his first bite, before His Grace made a move to leave his seat amongst the audience. A striking breach of etiquette, but Father Strange was kind enough to remind the rest that by “court”, he had really meant “Court members” of the city was to receive communion first. Mr. Decranthis, jumping in front of line, in front of your Prince no less, is hardly something that is agreeable to most of the older kindred in this city, much less so when the offended is an Elder Ventrue Invictus. I suggest you receive tutorial lessons on basic kindred courtesy before the next gathering lest you end up racking up an entire page of misgivings in my boon book from social taboos.

The court came to a close with Miss Blackmoore’s exceptional contributions towards Dark Ridge. His Grace appreciates the time and valiant efforts in which the Mother Confessor has chosen to put out for the city, including preparing for the gathering and assisting other kindred in their times of need. For that, Miss Blackmoore shall have her ghoul reinstated under her care and the city is expected to maintain the decorum to avoid mentioning her past grievances and put the matter to rest.

On to the month’s status changes! Given how everyone is kept in close proximity, it gives me great pleasure to watch all the niceties were conducted this evening. No status decreases but definitely a few bumps~

Lord Bradford, I am very impressed with your candor at the gathering and I have heard plenty of good things about your manners and humility towards other kindred, which is why:

Lord Richard Bradford, Ventrue of the First Estate, is now Valued (OOC: City Status 3) in the city of Dark Ridge, status increased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

I would also like to recognize the efforts of Miss Lillian Blackmoore, Mother Confessor of the Daeva, in her efforts to remain dutiful towards her city.

Miss Lillian Blackmoore, Daeva of the Lancea Sanctum, is now Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) in the city of Dark Ridge, status increased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

Up next month! The Shadows are hosting the December gathering, hosted in Mr. Reginald Decranthis’s personal haven. So far, I’ve only heard whispers of possibilities but I expect Clan Mehket to surprise us on this festive season. Safe nights ahead~

Priscilla Tan

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