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An Important Reminder

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An Important Reminder

Post by Robert Voitle on Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:12 am

Citizens of Dark Ridge:

As a reminder: While I may lack a certain degree of formality at times, I think it important for everyone to remember that I am both Ventrue and Invictus. As such, I have certain expectations regarding the operation of this court and the protocols we follow. Do not let my relaxed demeanor suggest that I do not care for protocol.

With that in mind, I would like to ensure that we all understand how to properly contact my office.

If you are a citizen of Dark Ridge and you would like to open a discussion with my office, you must first seek out the Sceneschal and arrange for a meeting. If you fail to follow this process, you are certain to offend me and possibly the Sceneschal resulting in a need for you to offer prestation for your offense.

If your matter is too urgent to follow this protocol, then offering prestation for the violation up front will help you save a great deal of face.

If you are a court officer, such as the Harpy and Sheriff, this protocol is more relaxed. These individual are free to approach me directly on matters concerning their office. Clan Prisci are not included in this exception.

Obviously, there are certain times when exceptions can be made. During gatherings when I am socializing, I do not expect the Sceneshal to walk ahead of me arranging for meetings before I enter into a conversation. In these situations, should you require my time to discuss a matter in private, it is best to speak up sooner rather than later. Should I be open to the idea, I may accept your request on the spot or I may ask you to seek our the Sceneshal and arrange a formal meeting.

Are we all clear on this traditional protocol? I would hate to see anyone break such simple protocol and end up looking foolish.

Duke Elliot Gray
Admired Prince of Dark Ridge
Respected Invictus
Respected Ventrue
Robert Voitle

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Re: An Important Reminder

Post by Sarah Wade on Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:18 pm

Indeed, Your Grace. Acknowledged and "all clear".


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