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re: the October Royal Harpy Report

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re: the October Royal Harpy Report

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:00 am

Well, gosh! Being so new here, I don’t know if it is considered to be appropriate to ‘respond’ to the report of the Royal Harpy, but your writing is just so colorful and entertaining, I couldn’t resist! I wanted to thank you personally for your kind words on my behalf, and for formalizing his Grace’s Acknowledgement of me in writing. You have all been so welcoming to me since my recent arrival, and I just wanted to make it extremely clear that this has not gone unappreciated. Also, I’m glad you liked my costume! It wasn’t quite as fancy as yours, which was really cute as well, if you don’t mind me saying.

I also wanted to thank you for your esteem as a regime, both in allowing me to adopt Vance Taylor as his Sire, as well as your opinion of me for doing so. Though it is correct, that I do not currently share any disciplines with him, I saw an opportunity to provide a measure of sanctuary and understanding to someone who has been so harshly treated and abandoned by the world. It was, and continues to be my feeling, that safety, kindness, a good meal, a thorough understanding of the Traditions, and comprehension of why they are important can go a lot farther in this next stage of existence than being able to give ‘lessons in superpowers’, so to speak.

Besides, every one of us, for whatever individual reason, was specifically CHOSEN by our sires, and not born into the Blood that currently flows through our veins. We Kindred ourselves, every single one of us, are perhaps the Creator’s best example of Nurture over Nature. And while it is true that our Nature allows us to excel so well in our individual chosen purpose, this Nature, which can be a ‘shepherd’s crook’, a tool as well as a symbol; without the understanding, training, and guidance of a patient and watchful shepherd to learn from, it is simply a stick to smash others with.

So, I thank you for your congratulations and well-wishes, I am certain that I will need them, as any new parent does! It would be my privilege to take advantage of the wisdom and perspective anyone older and more experienced than myself, especially Mr. Salvatore Corsetti, should his former Eminence be available, and fully recovered from his extended rest. If he is receiving guests, or exploring the world again, I would love to visit with him at his convenience, if whoever currently has the honor of hosting him could please relay the message to my highly Esteemed elder covenant mate, and city founding father.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Saint Catherine’s for Gran Ballo, and Miss Charleston, you will be receiving a personal note from me shortly, in order to ensure that all boons I have extended in exchange for assistance in launching my current endeavors at New Dawn Church of Salvation have been correctly logged in the recipient’s favor, amongst other things. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!


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