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October 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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October 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:58 pm

Good Evening my dears,

On this evening, our Acolytes celebrate Samhain and invited the city to its festivities. The gathering is filled with the best colors and glamour of the year thus far– I dare say that the Masquerade theme has attracted a quite following to this city. For this reason, we must first introduce the new faces that have entered Dark Ridge:

Reginald DeCranthis, Mehket of the Carthian Movement, vouched by his Prefect, is Acknowledged in this city by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. The well-mannered masked rebel who was properly introduced to His Grace, what is there not to like?!

Jules Stark, Unaligned Daeva is now Acknowledged in this city by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. Originating from New York, the Daeva showed much responsibility and patience towards her partner, Miss St. Cyr that you might think their clans are reversed.

Giselle St. Cyr., the Unaligned Mehket with an ever excitable personality is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Colleen Firestone, Mehket of the Lancea Sanctum is now Acknowledged in Dark Ridge by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. One of the most colorful people there is, peacock feathers, corset, glittering mask and a most sociable personality for a Shadow – Miss Firestone defies all stereotypes.

Felicity Scarlet, Unaligned Daeva who originated from Dark Ridge is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

Sefika Sadik, Mehket of the Ordo Dracul, vouched by her brother, Aydin Sadik, is now Acknowledged in this city by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray -- Only person I’ve seen that has voluntarily come in physical contact with Mr. Sadik that doesn’t involve pain.

Edmund Tedlock, Ventrue of the Ordo Dracul, originally a citizen of Dark Ridge is now Acknowledged by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray. Should you find yourself in desperate need for a conversation about philosophy, just pretend to be a hamster and Mr. Tedlock will amuse you.

Lady Red, the mysterious kindred who claims to be passing by. Lady Red, along with her companions, Mike and Mick are originally granted 10 days of hospitality within the City of Dark Ridge. After a series of interesting events that night, Lady Red is now offered a month’s worth of hospitality within the city.

However, before we enter into the festivities of the evening, I would like to discuss about the etiquette of opening and closing court. For those who are new to Kindred society, pay heed that one should be respectfully silent while Court is adjourned and important matters such as Acknowledgements and concerns of the city are addressed in front of polite company. While I understand the excitement upon arriving to Dark Ridge, I expect all who are Acknowledged or granted temporary hospitality have enough experience with kindred protocol to not interrupt The Prince while he is addressing public matters. Which is why, Lord Bradford, those with Recognition in this city tend to exemplify that respect after Court has begun instead of contributing to its disruption. If anyone should have the utmost need to chatter amongst yourselves during opening or closing Court, you are more than welcome to share your excitement in front of the city. After all, His Grace did give permission to speak up after he was done with the main affairs that affect Dark Ridge. Interestingly enough, those consistent interruptions that took place DURING announcements were silent when their voices are offered a time slot of their own.

After receiving the new kindred of the city, the court officers had to deal with an interesting conundrum. Vance Taylor, the unreleased Childe who is surrogate by Mikhail Kraus was found wandering around in the gathering without his appointed Sire. It appears that Mr. Kraus, for whatever reason that has yet to be explained, has chosen to abandon his Childe and went on his merry way. How terribly irresponsible!  In fact, due to a lack of attendance of his very own clan mates, Prince Gray has asked the city if anyone would be willing to sire Mr. Taylor until he is deemed suitable for release. Miss Firestone of the Shadow clan and one of the rare few of the Lancea Sanctum volunteered without hesitance. Alright, I’m not even going to pretend that this is normal. The gesture is quite charitable and extremely kind, admirable in fact, but strange nonetheless. Never mind the harsh responsibilities that comes with an unreleased childe, but to actually wish to sire one whose disciplines you are not naturally accustomed with? Now THAT takes some gall! Course if the Priscus of Clan Gangrel or any of the Savages actually gave a damn about what is going on and showed up for court, it won’t have to result in this unnatural cross-exchange of childer now, would we? So Bravo to Miss Firestone and I wish you much luck in that particular endeavor.

On to lighter matters, the Acolytes have prepared a ritual for the city’s attendees. I had expected sacrifice of some sort…just not exactly in the form of a little girl. When a few kindred of the city voiced a reluctance to stick around to watch the display, The Circle was considerate enough to postpone the private ceremony at a later date and the sacrifice was offered as a sample herd for the night. Following a blessing, the kindred of the city were asked to commemorate those who have fallen in the past years. Some commemorated the untimely deaths of childer, some found solace in observing their past wrongdoings and then there were mentions of past wars waged amongst mortals that dragged kindred courts to undo various messes.

Speaking of messes, for those who have failed to have anything to do with mortal news, there are incidents of grave robbing and untastefully discarded bodies in Glendale District (OOC: Grid E-K: 10-18).  Given the excitement of our newcomers over the controversy, Mr. Sadik led an excursion towards Glendale District – a mission so fondly dubbed by Miss St. Cyr. as a ‘zombie hunt.’ More than half the gathering left the premises to investigate the situation and what seemed like a tedious hour of fighting animated corpses turned out to be nothing short of their imagination. There appears to be a skilled illusionist residing within those streets that made the mission a tad bit anti-climactic for all zombie fans. His Grace has decided that Glendale District is now off-limits. Anyone who ventures into those premises and gets caught, would be subjected to punishment.

On the bright side, the mystery of the Egyptian statues has been revealed! Along with an ancient book, we found out later in that evening, that these are artifacts necessary to awaken the missing Salvatore Corsetti who was in held in torpor beneath Shadowlake Bay. For those who are lost in history, Salvatore Corsetti is the childe of Capricia Corsetti, the first Prince of Dark Ridge. Duke Gray has granted Salvatore Corsetti and Lady Red a month of temporary welcome. In the meantime, His Grace expects no one to disturb the Corsetti household while Salvatore Corsetti adapts to the modern nights.

As for city standings this month, it is unfortunate that I am to announce that Mr. Mikhail Kraus, Gangrel of the Unaligned, is now Acknowledged (OOC: Status 1) in the city of Dark Ridge, status decreased by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston, for utter negligence for his surrogate childer, Vance Taylor.

Congratulations to Mr. Jack for the position of Seneschal and Mr. Sadik on the position of Sheriff. I’m sure your talents would be put to good use as Valued members of this city. A reminder to those who have an interest in the position of Keeper of Elysium: Please contact me so we can set up an interview between you and His Grace. Now for next month! As the head of the Lancea Sanctum, Miss Lilian Blackmoore has taken the reigns of her covenant and offered to host November’s gathering during the Gran Ballo at St. Catherine’s Cathedral. We look forward to your attendance!

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