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Dark Ridge Reporter - October 2014 Edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter - October 2014 Edition

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:01 pm

Mayoral Race heating up as November nears
As predicted, last month’s public Mayoral debate turned into not one but a whole series of debates (totalling seven in all, as of last night) between conservative front-woman Gloria Battles and the race newcomer and business magnate, Maxwell Harper. While this has been an unusual election year, the city seeing two other candidates come and go from a poll-leading position in a matter of months, it seems clear that one of these two candidates will be our next Mayor as we close in on Election Day, less than one month away.
Mrs Battles has demonstrated perseverance and endurance, never backing down as her opponent challenged her with new forums and in front of new audiences, while Dr. Harper has shown creativity and poise time and again, as well as a savvy of social media. As last month’s scheduled televised debate drew to a close, a “Twit“ went out to Harper’s followers, supposedly from his podium on stage, inviting them to comment on his blog of the night’s debate topics for an all-night, online Q&A. The next day, the Battles campaign had followed suit by adding a forum to her campaign site, and within 24 hours their individual online discussions had prompted another debate to be scheduled. By the end of the  following week, they had debated four more times, both live and online, including one debate hosted on the popular social news site,
Unlike previous candidates, Mayor Thoms and Edward Dwyer, Harper and Battles have surprisingly slung no mud in their campaigns, instead concentrating on talking about values and reformation plans, and the two seem to be leaving it up to the press to try to trip the other candidate up first, so far with no success. While Dr. Harper certainly leads Mrs Battles in total TWITster and FriendFace followers, our latest numbers indicate that Gloria Battles still leads at the polls.

New Club opens up; Get a slice of the Pi!
NCU-Dark Ridge students got a treat this month with the opening of a new hot spot called “Pi Lounge”. Several reporters were invited to spend an evening at Pi Lounge with it’s founders and what a story we have for you!
The Pi Lounge features three stories of entertainment, each sound proofed from the previous floor.
The ground floor features a quaint cafe called “The Bridge Cafe”  with a focus on intimacy, gourmet foods and fine wines.
The next floor, “Gamer’s Paradise” which is cross sectioned at a 45º angle (Like a slice of pie), is a grown up arcade complete with skee ball, billiards, state of the art gaming consoles, and a fully stocked bar.
The top floor of Pi Lounge is called “Club Pi”, Cross sectioned again at a 90º angle (This place really likes it’s pie references!) Half of this floor is seating while the other half provides the dance floor. The Bar? In the center, of course. Featuring the hottest Djs in town, Club Pi is a musical spectacle. The glass domed roof provides a constant view of the night sky, while also attracting people for miles with the escaping lights of Club Pi.
So if you're looking for something hot and exciting, Check out Dark Ridge’s new playground, The Pi Lounge.

Industry workers are underpaid.
In a time when rent is high and wages are low, several Dark Ridge workers are voicing their concerns over their high stress/low wage jobs. Industry workers in Dark Ridge make up a large majority of the economic growth that the city has seen in the past 10 years. Without them, import and export would grind to a halt, manufacturing would slow to a crawl, and the city would fall back into a recession. We spoke to several industry workers who feel they are being treated unfairly in regards to compensation for the amount of work they put in on a daily basis.
“I got three kids at home, my wife workin’ two jobs and my teenage son’s workin’ at the Subway just to help make bills. We ain’t gonna have a good Christmas this year, and it ain’t right. It just ain’t right.” Said Jonas Blackstone, a disgruntled worker at Dark Ridge Harbor.

Bear attack in the city?

Police are investigating reports of a Bear attack in the Glenndale district this evening. A woman, whose identity is unknown at this time, was found lying in an ally with what appeared to be claw marks and a large bite mark on her throat. Witnesses say they heard screaming and looked back to see a bear leaving the scene. The bear escaped before Animal control could arrive on scene.

Park rangers say bear sightings in urban areas are not uncommon with the encroachment of our modern society into their natural places, but that it is very rare to hear of one attacking a person. Park Ranger Angie Malory said that the bear must have gotten into some contaminated food and was acting out of fear, or was protecting a cub who she felt was threatened by the woman in some way.
Citizens are urged to Call Animal Control immediately if they see a bear, and not to approach it or try to scare it away. As always, if you are in danger, dial 9-1-1.

Vandalism in the heart of the city

Gang activity has been on the rise in the city with an increase in the number of violent crimes, domestic disputes and vandalism. St. Catherine’s, Dark Ridge’s oldest Catholic church was vandalized this month. The church’s iconic stained glass window depicting the St. Catherine de’ Ricci holding a sword and ships wheel was shattered. Father Delonah told reporters that the Cathedral had seen a sharp decrease in the number of attendees over the last few months, and they had begun street outreach programs to try and bring people back to the church. He fears that the vandalism of the church is in response to these outreach programs.
Police have asked if anyone has any information on the identity of the Vandal(s) to contact their crime stoppers hotline at 555-555-2547

Grave Robbing in the mountains

Two bodies, severely decomposed, were found in the Glenndale district on Wednesday night. The bodies, whose identities will be kept confidential to protect the families, were entombed in the Glenndale Cemetery until sometime during the past week.
The groundskeeper at Glenndale Cemetery said “This is the third time this has happened in our Cemetery in the past 6 months. What kind of sicko would dig up bodies? And to leave them lying around the city to be seen in their decomposed condition? This is just a downright sick prank.”
Police have asked if anyone has any information on the identity of the grave robber(s) to contact their crime stoppers hotline at 555-555-2547


Hunting Club
So you want to join a hunting club? The Crippled Coon wants you!
The Crippled Coon Dog Hunting Club is now accepting members for 2014/2015 Season!
Our club is a "Dog" Hunting Club in Dark Ridge, NC.

Metal Portable Bldg. 4 sale
A-1 QUALITY BLDGS - 10X12 $1495 12X16 $1895, 16X20 $2695, 16X24 $2795
CALL JOEL: 555-722-1642

Seekers of the truth
I invite you to seek the truth of past and future. Open your eyes to find the way.

Re: Seekers of the truth
"Try No Gard for eye opening peace of mind!"

We BUY Barbie Collections & Star Wars Collections
We Buy BARBIE & STAR WARS Collections Must be new in the box and in good condition. We will buy everything you have and WE PAY CASH!! Call, text or email Keith  & Deb 555-843-4421
ignore everything below this line
we do not buy stove refrigerator car truck dining table kitchen counters we are not carpenters painters electricians plumbers drag queens or sith lords

Wiccan Family Temple
Spirit invites you to join us to worship the great goddess in our new home. The Wiccan Family Temple is now accepting membership, and we greet thee with open and loving arms. Please call 555-756-5234 for more information.

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