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September 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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September 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:56 pm

With all the excitement that has been brewing the city of late, it appears the actions of Lillian Blackmoore were grossly overlooked since the unfortunate passing of Cardinal Hayes. Imagine my surprise when I was pulled aside from my duties to be torpored by the only childe of the last Prince. When unstaked, it was clear we were no longer amongst the fancy décor of the Pi Lounge but an errie basement filled with jars of blue eyes and Mandagora. Fellow kindred surrounded us, including The Sheriff, Lord Bradford, the missing Madame Perth and Priscus Mikhail Kraus. In addition, the rest of the missing Huntsville kindred who were believed to be dead amongst us including the previous Seneschal, Father Strange and Master of Elysium, Lord Wilford Pennington resurfaced by the dinner table.

Aside from the unusual taste of basement finery, Miss Blackmoore had gathered the remaining kindred from Huntsville around a barren dining table. Oh no my darlings, we are not getting anything remotely nutritious from the Mother Confessor. In fact, we ARE the dinner – to Miss Blackmoore’s plants that is. Our hands and legs were carefully bound by iron chains and tubes were stuck into every ‘guest’ to drain our precious vitae into a barrow. Apparently aside from being involuntary blood donors to the vinter, we were made to be participants – nay sacrifices – to an unorthodox ritual imagined up by a disturbed childe in need to reunite with her sire. At the end of the table laid the ashes of Cardinal Hayes – specifically retrieved from Huntsville in clear defiance against the orders of His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray.

According to Lillian Blackmoore, she was made to believe by the kidnapper of Madame Perth, that her sire can be revived from ashes and raised like Jesus from the Christian faith if he were surrounded by the people he loved. Apparently, Alexandre Hayes would be more compelled to rise if his fan club were placed in dire circumstances – say fall into frenzy from a lack of blood.

It was fortunate that the rest of the court was able to locate us and the incident were resolve without much causality. Miss Blackmoore was placed in the care of Father Strange and her ghoul was removed until proven capable of assimilating into kindred society without endangering anyone and herself. Nothing against Miss Blackmore of course – You can’t kidnap a harpy and expect the news to go unscathed. I will make a note that Lillian Blackmoore has registered a Major boon for every kindred that she kidnapped for this experience. Let this be the start of a better relationship with the rest of kindred society.

Following the incident, those who have lost much blood were welcomed to feed on the Carthian Herd that was prepared ahead of time for the gathering. Both Egyptian statues from last month were recovered and analyzed by the Dragons and Acolytes. The good sheriff, Mr. Jack volunteered himself for several experimental possessions in attempts to understand the erratic behavior of the statues and their intents and purposes. When around the presence these uncovered statues, temperatures rise and drop to the extreme, electronics get fried and mystical forces deliver unseen physical blows.

During this period, I was notified of a newly Acknowledged member of our city, Thomas Whitlock, a Daeva of the Ordo Dracul. Welcome to the city of Dark Ridge Mr. Whitlock, I’m sure the you will find the nights in this city more exciting than most.

In other news, there appears to be a street in Dark Ridge that contains a strange power that would sap one’s will you enter into its domain. History has suggested that Oberon Corsetti has discouraged his court from venturing within those unusual premises. This street is located on Grid E-K: 10-18. His Grace has asked the city to refrain from lingering around the area unless it is for investigative purposes. Please inform the sheriff should you are interested in such a cause.

Speaking of the Sheriff - From deep down in the necropolis, Mr. Jack has found interesting wildlife wandering about his homely abode. Word is there are shadowy birds reading ancient books in his tunnels and disappearing into the darkness. The recovered book appears to be centuries old, rendering most unable to read its contents.

To bring back old memories, the man who went by the street name ‘Boston’ that is responsible for luring the lupins to our last gathering is now dead. Should you hear of any connections to Jon Nolan, the underworld connection to Mr. Barrows, please inform the Sheriff so we can be rid of the mangy creatures from our city.

Finally, it is unfortunate that our Master of Elysium, Lord Langstrom has been called back to his sire and has incidentally left the city. Lord Langstrom has been an upstanding member of the court and shall be missed. In the meantime, the position of Master of Elysium is now open. Those who are interested should approach the Seneschal for more information.

The night is concluded with the recognition of Lord Bradford, Priscus of the Ventrue and the appointment of Priscus Sadik as Hound of the city. As Harpy, I would like to increase the status of our Sheriff, Mr. Jack to Valued, for his dedication to solving the city’s mysteries. I can’t imagine many would like to be possessed to success in their investigations.

Lord Richard Bradford, Ventrue of The Invictus, is now Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) in the city of Dark Ridge, awarded by His Grace, Duke Elliot Gray for his contributions towards our society.

Mr. Jack, Nosferatu of The Carthian Movement, is now Valued (OOC: City Status 3) in the city of Dark Ridge, awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston, for his tenacity towards his investigations.

Next month’s gathering will be conducted by the city’s Acolytes. Let us celebrate All Hallows’ Eve on this very special night for the most classic predators. Don’t forget your costumes and masks! It is Masquerade to be remembered!

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