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Clarification: Obfuscate

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Clarification: Obfuscate

Clarification - Disciplines - Obfuscate
Here is an attempt to clarify what will and will not cancel active Obfuscate (specifically Touch of Shadow, Cloak of Night, and Cloak the Gathering).

Obfuscate is not invisibility; it's a perception filter. It allows the character to utilize Kindred powers to dampen the ability of others to consciously perceive you. They will ignore the sight and sound of you as long as you attempt to remain hidden. According to Vampire The Requiem, page 136, “Successful use of Cloak of Night renders the character invisible until and unless he does something to draw attention (launching an attack, smashing a window, shouting a warning), in which case the cloak drops.”

For example, drawing a weapon and readying it (aiming a gun at someone, taking a fencing stance, getting in a batter's stance with a Louisville Slugger next to someone, etc.) would be considered the first step of launching an attack and should cause the Obfuscate effect to end. The target’s subconscious is going to scream bloody murder when it perceives a real threat and wake up their conscious mind beyond the ability for perception to be suppressed any longer. It has changed from, “Nothing interesting over there – just ignore that,” to the fight or flight response of “Oh shit! Gun! Danger Will Robinson!”

What makes Obfuscate such a tricky proposition when it comes to ruling whether it is "broken" (ended) or not is that there are some very fine lines based on both intent and situation. To help alleviate questions on whether an activity is safe while remaining obfuscated, here's a list of activities which will usually allow you to maintain Obfuscate and some that will usually “break” it.

Note that the ST has the last word on whether your obfuscate breaks or not. Keep in mind that you and your character may not be aware of all the circumstances surrounding a situation/ruling. Even if an activity is listed as “safe” below, the ST may rule your Obfuscate is canceled based on other factors. An ST may determine that an activity skirts the edge of what’s allowed and call for an Obfuscate test for your character to remain obfuscated. Activities listed as “safe” may generally be performed without fear of cancelling Obfuscate. Activities listed as “unsafe” will generally cancel Obfuscate and reveal your character.

Safe: Standing around, even if in a crowded area with elbow-to-elbow people.
Unsafe: Standing in a way to intentionally block passage of someone such as in a doorway or hallway. Once you become aware that someone is trying to pass, you must make way or risk your obfuscation. This applies to making way for other obfuscated Kindred as well – you are subconsciously aware they are trying to pass.

Safe: Normal swimming or floating without excessive splashing.
Unsafe: Excessively splashing around or intentionally getting others wet.

Safe: Normal walking or running, even over grass, dry leaves, gravel, a sandy beach, etc. or stepping into a puddle or small pothole, even if it trips you up (as long as you don’t grab someone else to catch your fall.); running at celerity speeds in an open area.
Unsafe: Running through a crowd at such a speed that you cannot avoid bumping into others; kicking leaves, gravel or sand on someone else; falling far enough to cause damage to yourself.

Safe: Moving through rain; carefully pushing your way through drapes or a beaded curtain; pushing slowly through an unlatched door. Carefully opening a door or picking a lock where no one is around or there are other distracting noises (might require test).
Unsafe: Attempting to open a door or pick a lock where particular attention is being paid to the door or the room is occupied in a quiet setting.

Safe: Talking in hushed tones to someone under the same Clock the Gathering; whispering to a single unobfuscated individual who was already aware that you were present (might require test).
Unsafe: Speaking in anything other than hushed tones, whispering to someone who was unaware of your presence.

Safe: Hitching a ride on a large vehicle that can support your weight (SUV, truck, van).
Unsafe: Attempting to ride on the hood or trunk of a car that would dent under your weight – even if the damage is only cosmetic.

Safe: Jumping from one sturdy object to another sturdy object; jumping from one vehicle to another vehicle easily capable of supporting your weight without denting; jumping from one building to another with a sturdy roof.
Unsafe: Jumping from one object to another with enough force to break, dent or significantly move the object you jumped onto; jumping from one vehicle to another with enough force to dent the surface, break a window, or rock the vehicle significantly; jumping from one building to another with enough force to dent the roof or remove shingles; falling with enough force to cause damage to yourself.

Safe: Dodging moving objects; avoiding combatants; jumping out of the way.
Unsafe: Being struck forcibly by a person, object or vehicle.

Safe: Passing an object to a person under the same Cloak the Gathering; careful placing a hand-held (up to Size 3) object in an inconspicuous location.
Unsafe: Handing an object to anyone not under the same Cloak the Gathering (even if they can see you with Auspex); letting go of any object above Size 3; placing any object in a conspicuous location; throwing any object; pouring a liquid into a container not under your Obfuscate.

Safe: Touching a person under the same Cloak the Gathering.
Unsafe: Touching anyone outside the same Cloak the Gathering; arguing or fighting with anyone.

Safe: Inconspicuously operating a relatively quiet, obfuscated vehicle at idle or low speeds (under 10 mph)
Unsafe: Operating any vehicle that is not obfuscated itself; an obfuscated vehicle or object exceeding 20 mph near any witnesses.

Safe: Flipping a switch that will not be noticed by anyone outside the same Cloak the Gathering (turning on a light in an otherwise unoccupied room).
Unsafe: Flipping a switch which will have a conspicuous effect (turning on a light in an occupied room); operating equipment that will have an obvious effect on someone not under the same Cloak the Gathering.

Safe: Drawing a weapon surreptitiously.
Unsafe: Brandishing a weapon in any way, including the act of aiming.

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