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Merits: Language & Multilingual

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Merits: Language & Multilingual

The following language Merits will replace any language Merits as presented in any other World of Darkness source material.

Multilingual (•)
Effect: Your character has devoted time to language acquisition. Each time you purchase this Merit, choose two languages. Your character can speak conversationally in those languages. With an Intelligence + Academics roll, she may also read enough of the language to understand context but not details.
If you later become fluent in one of these languages (by purchasing the Language Merit, below), you may replace it with a different conversational language with ST approval.
For example, if you have Multilingual (French, Italian), and purchase Language: Italian, you may choose to take Multilingual (French, Portuguese).
If not purchased at character creation, this Merit will require [6 - Intelligence rating] downtime actions (can be any combination of personal or Mentor actions) and ST approval.

Language (•)
Effect: Your character is skilled with an additional language beyond her native tongue. Choose a language each time you buy this Merit. Your character can speak, read, and write in that language.
If not purchased at character creation, this Merit will require in-game justification (such as through [6 - Intelligence rating] downtime actions, or through having purchased the language previously via Multilingual, above, plus a downtime action) and ST approval.

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