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Alterations and Clarifications

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Alterations and Clarifications

The following Clarifications and Alterations have been made to existing disciplines and merits.

ALTERATION - Discipline - Coils of the Dragon: Each new coil is now treated as a new discipline at new dot x7 xp, rather than as further dots of the same discipline.

ALTERATION - Merit - Allies: Each PC may possess up to 5 separate Allies. Allies and Contacts can fit into a number of categories, below are the recommended categories. If you have an ally that wont fit into one of the categories below, feel free to make one up that fits, but if you're able to shoehorn them into one of the following categories, you'll be able to do more with them in the long run.

  • Bureaucracy
  • Church
  • Finance
  • Health
  • High Society
  • Industry
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Occult
  • Police
  • Political
  • Street
  • Transportation
  • Underworld
  • University


  • Clarification - Disciplines - Auspex, The Spirit's Touch: Targeting time frames can only occur on individuals, not items. A contested roll of Wits+Occult+Auspex vs opponent's Resolve+Blood Potency must be made, this roll is reflexive and can NOT be relented to, as the target is not aware that his/her experiences are being perceived.

  • Clarification - Purchasing items from other Clan books: While it is not forbidden for a player to purchase items (Merits, Devotions, etc) from another clan's book, it will require a very good justification for how the character learned the item existed, a PC teacher of the item to learn it, and ST approval.  Please note: Most clans are very protective of their clan secrets. Punishments for sharing clan secrets with those outside the clan are often very severe, up to and including final death.

  • Clarification - Custom Cheese: Each player is permitted ONE custom item per character in the chronicle at this time. This item can be anything from a custom built discipline, to a bloodline, or even an additional covenant provided that the item fits with the theme of your character concept and background, does not infringe on the copyrights of currently published materials, and doesn't break the game. ALL custom items must receive ST approval before they will be allowed to be used in game.

  • Clarification - Mental Skills - Knowledge of other supernaturals: In order for a character to have more than a modern pop-culture knowledge of other supernatural creatures (ie: All vampires sparkle in the sunlight, if a werewolf bites you you'll turn into a werewolf, Fairy dust and happy thoughts will make you fly, Goblins are horrible little green monsters that like to steal your trash, etc...) you must have ST approval, purchase a specialization in the creature type and have a justification for why your character would have "real world" knowledge of that creature type.

  • Clarification - Ghouls - Mandragora: In order to grow Mandragora to acquire lacrima, the character must have an Occult specialization in Mandragora. Each Mandragora plant is considered to be a "ghouled plant", but a character is not required to purchase them as Retainers (as they cannot perform actions or follow commands). They may instead be purchased using the Assets merit. Each Mandragora will, however, still require the expenditure of a point of Vitae each month to maintain.

  • Clarification - Merits - Graduated vs Simple XP cost:Simple merits may be purchased outright at the cost of 2xp times dot level (2 dot merit can be purchased for 4xp, 3 dot merit for 6xp, 4 dot for 8xp, etc.)
    Graduated merits cost new dot x2 (first dot would be 2xp, 2nd dot 4xp for a total of 6xp...etc).
    Graduated merits must be purchased in order. (1st dot must be purchased before the 2nd dot can be purchased, both the first and second dots must be purchased in order to purchase a third dot.)


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Alterations and Clarifications :: Comments


Post on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:23 pm by Carl Jordan

Just to make sure we're all on the same page about source material, stuff  you find in clan or covenant books are only available to people in that clan or covenant, whether it says it requires being a member or not. If the merit or power in question does not actually require being a member of that group and you really, really want to have it, talk to the STs first to see how we can make an exception (like a teacher that has it), but that would be your one special, custom cheese for that character.

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